Some dog beds are so comfortable and cozy that they have the power to invite even the most active dogs to go to bed. The ones from Woolrich totally meet these high standards that only a dog would know. 

Woolrich dog beds are well known for smooth and comfortable materials utilized on their products. A few popular styles, which have captured the hearts of many dog owners, are the Berber/Twill Pet Bed, Oval Cuddler Pet Bed and the Patch Cuddle Up Bed. Also, Woolrich beds are ideal for puppies to cuddle up, roll, stretch, sleep or play, as most of the beds are smaller.woolrich-dog-bed-5376642, 1626169632

Woolrich Dog Bed Features and Benefits

The most appealing feature of the Woolrich pet beds is its smooth finishing. In fact,  owners claim that they do not need to scratch the bed to keep it smooth. Most Woolrich dog beds are covered with materials such as faux suede, Berber/Twill or Polyester/Fleece. These materials are able to retain heat, and thus help keep your furry pal warm and cozy throughout the night.

All Woolrich pet beds have also been designed for easy maintenance, with covers detachable for easy washing. Also, the filling of a bed is important in determining the comfort level of the bed. Woolrich fills each of their dog beds with these materials that promise the greatest comfort to your dogs. For example, the Patch Cuddle Up bed utilizes a polysilk polyester cushion fill that will be able to provide your dog the soft but firm surface he or she will enjoy.

Apart from that, based on customer comments, this has been the only bed that their dog will sleep on comfortably without scratching and chewing. That’s the comfort level and coziness that a Woolrich Patch Cuddle Up bed can give to you dog!

From an esthetic sense, Woolrich bed designs are very captivating as they come in calming earthy tones, which look contemporary and classy. Inspired by outdoor symbols, classic American buffalos and green and red rock bears, Woolrich constantly tries to invent dog beds, which will bring the feeling of warmth and coziness right to your homes.

With such affordable prices and superior quality it is not surprising that most Woolrich dog beds are hot items. Indeed, they are often sold out due to their high demand, which is why you need to make a purchase as soon as you see one. Check them out at, or

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