A wooden dog bed will certainly make every dog feel like a queen or king. Some dog owners are simply obsessed with wooden dog beds as these make great furniture to jazz up the house decor.

The mere mention of wooden dog beds projects an impression of hard surfaces, and inadequate comfort to your dog. However, new wooden beds like those produced by Kuranda (you can find them listed in http://www.sitstay.com) will certainly change these misconceptions. In reality, beds of solid wood promise a lot of comfort and durability. Apart from the attractive wood finishing, many dog beds also offer chew-proof wood so dog owners do not have to worry too much about the beds. In comparison with other type of beds, wooden beds are relatively higher and this feature allows the dog to be at the flee-free zone.

Choosing A Wood Dog Bed

Another misconception many dog owners have is the price of a wooden dog bed. Do not be deceived by its elegance, a wooden bed does not necessary has to be expensive. At the site http://www.petco.com, you will find wooden beds on sale. These wooden beds come with attractive wood finishing bed frames and detachable soft and cozy cushions.

The right selection of the type of wood which makes the bed is utmost important. Solid wood and pinewood make strong beds, which will be able to support your dog as it grows. A good wooden bed should be steady and stable so it will be stationary even when the furry pal hops on to his or her bed. Besides the right type of wood, an ideal wooden bed should also have non-skid rubber feet for security purposes.

Another brand of wooden dog beds would be the Bamboo Tropical Island Bed that comes with a bottom drawer. Once placed in a corner, your dog will love this bed as you can even store its favorite toys below! Additionally, the dark brown wooden color and the bamboo material used to produce it gives a tropical feel to this wooden dog bed.

Yet another option would be the Doxie dog beds that come either in Cherry or Oak color. They can be used for dogs up to 30lbs in weight, in addition to being made of solid oak. However, the downside is that cushions are not included, which means that owners will need to hunt for a cushions that will fit this size.

Assembling the dog bed is never a problem as all wooden dog beds can be assembled in a few easy steps. If you are looking for a lasting, sophisticated, elegant dog bed then a wooden dog bed is definitely the right choice.

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