Wigs For Dogs! You Better Believe It…

Wigs for dogs! Has the world gone mad?! No, but I think our pets are being treated more like humans than ever.

Ruth Regina, who has been involved with makeup and hair in the film industry, has come up with Wiggles Dog Wigs. It all started when a friend asked her to make a wig for her pet, and then, as they say, one thing led to another…

The product line, which was officially launched in September of 2007, has created quite some buzz, and she has been featured on David Letterman and the Tonight Show. Many other news crews have come to visit with her.

 The wigs start at $29, and are made from a washable synthetic fiber. Custom made wigs composed of real human hair are also an offering. The wigs have holes for the ears and are adjusted under the chin with a strap.

Wiggles can be contacted at (305) 866-1226, or at info@wigglesdogwigs.com

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