Many dog owners choose to buy a simple dog mat, oversized cushion, or a dog mattress and use that as a dog bed. But most dogs do not take to such dog beds as they still prefer to curl up on yours! The only thing that will get your loving pet off your bed is a bed of its own, and that can easily be achieved by buying a quality dog bed frame. And the good news is that the dog mat, cushion, or mattress that you are currently using can conveniently be placed on the dog bed frame and voila! your dog has its own special bed.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a dog bed frame:

1. Size of the dog mattress: If you already have a mattress or a dog mat that your dog loves, you need to measure it and then choose a  frame that will accommodate the mattress perfectly. The mattress should fit in the frame without getting squeezed around the sides. Once the mattress is in place, there should be no space left on the bed base. If that happens, you need to look for a bigger dog bed frame.

2. Weight of your dog: The dog bed frame that you choose should be strong enough to support the weight of your pet. While most bed frames will easily take the weight of small dogs, it is the larger breeds of dogs that should be weighed before buying a dog bed frame for them.

3. Raised or floor design: You can either choose a frame that rests on the ground or one that is raised off the ground. For older dogs it is better to choose a frame that rests on the floor so that they do not have difficulty getting in and out of their bed. Raised frame designs are ideal if you live in a cold climate so that your pet is kept off the cold floor. It is also good for those dogs that suffer from ticks or fleas as sleeping off the ground will help to break the flea cycle.

Pet bed frames come is many different materials such as aluminum, wrought iron, PVC, wood and wicker. Depending on the strength, durability, weight bearing capacity, and ease of cleaning that you desire, you can choose a dog bed frame accordingly. And if you really want to spoil your little darling, you can also choose a pet bed frame with a canopy!