Added Comfort With Canopy Dog Beds

How often is it that during the summer time when your home gets too hot to bear, you like to lounge around in the outdoors enjoying the cool breeze? A large deck umbrella or a canopy helps to provide shade so that the sun does not bother you. Well, the same experience can now be enjoyed by your pet with a canopy dog bed.


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All About Vinyl Dog Beds

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog bed is the fabric that it is made out of. This is a very important consideration as the fabric will determine whether it is cool or warm for your dog, how easy it is to care for the bed, and also whether the pet bed can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Beds for dogs are typically made from different fabrics such as canvas, leather (faux and real), satin, fleece, cordura, nylon, and vinyl. Here’s a look at the features and benefits of vinyl dog beds.

Vinyl Fabrics Used To Make Dog Beds

1. Commercial grade vinyl: This type of vinyl fabric, also known as heavy duty commercial vinyl, is very popular for dog beds. It is a very strong and durable fabric, which in turn makes the vinyl pet bed strong and long lasting too. Commercial vinyl is available in different grades and is measured in ounces. The ounce measure is an indication of the strength of the fabric. The higher the ounce measure, the stronger and more durable the vinyl.

vinyl-bed-8205297, 162617002240 ounce and 29 ounce are the two grades used most frequently for dog beds, with 40 ounce being tougher than 29 ounce. However, both these grades of vinyl make for excellent bed fabrics. But you should avoid beds that are made from a lower quality grade of vinyl as these may not be very durable. The beauty of this fabric is that it is very smooth to the touch and is also non-porous. This means that the vinyl dog beds will be extremely comfortable for your dog and also very easy to clean.

2. Vinyl weave: The second type of vinyl used is called Vinyl Weave. As this fabric is more expensive than the commercial vinyl, it is typically used for more high end and deluxe dog beds and not your basic discounted  beds. The tight weaves of the fabric make it very breathable, which in turn helps air to pass through the fabric and keep your dog cool. Water can also pass through the vinyl, thus making the beds easy to wash and clean. Since the fabric does not get spoilt with water, these pet beds can even be used in outdoor locations.

Kuranda dog beds are an excellent example of vinyl dog beds at their very best. The best prices we have come across for these are on and

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Allergy Free Dog Beds Stop That Itching!

Just like humans, dogs too have their allergies especially when they have been lying in places with huge amounts of dust. Dirt and dust can irritate the dog’s skin, causing them to itch and turn red. Thus, as a pet owner, you will need to get an allergy free dog bed to ensure that your dog’s health is not compromised.

If you see your dog scratching profusely and rule out a tick problem, he may be suffering from skin allergies which are not uncommon in canines. Therefore, one of the first places to clean out is the place which your dog spends much of his time in – the dog bed. Another way is to get an allergy-free dog bed which will help ensure that no pet dander is trapped within the dog bed, and which is causing these allergies in the first place.

The best way to find allergy free pet beds are to find those which are easy to remove and machine washable. This way, you will wash them more often as washing will be an easy task for you. Placing it in the washing and drying machine will also make it really easy to get it done within a few hours.

Apart from that, try to select a dog bed which is made from waterproof material. With this, it will not get dirty as easy as a dog bed made from fluff or fabric. What’s more, those dog beds that prevent dander from seeping into the internal parts make good allergy free dog beds as dust and dirt do not collect within the bed. Therefore, dust mites are less likely to breed and live inside your dog bed, which are one of the common causes of skin allergy in dogs.

One commercially available allergy free dog bed is the Pacific Coast Feather Pet Bed, that utilizes feather as the internal component of the dog bed. Other than providing great comfort for your pooch, this bed boasts of an allergy free warranty that assures you that there won’t be any allergies when using this product. Of course, it comes with a denim zip cover which is easily removable for easy cleaning purposes. Thus, this $39.99 dog bed is also affordable, practical and just right for any dog with sensitive skin.

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An Animal Themed Dog Bed For Your Pooch

People pamper their dogs to such an extent as would be appropriate for royalty. But then again, most people consider their dog to be regal, don’t they? Well, for the kingly (or queenly as the case may be) canine member of your family, an equally regal looking bed – the animal themed dog bed.

Just as humans love to sleep on beautiful sheets and bed covers, so do their dogs. But since dog beds do not require sheets or bed spreads, the best way to add some color, design, and fun to your dog’s bed is to get it a themed bed. And what better theme for your dog than an animal themed dog bed.

Animal-themed dog beds are available in many different designs and styles. Not just dogs, but you can get your pet any animal themed bed. So, if your canine friend is fond of cats (really, some dogs are!), or if it loves to chase squirrels in the backyard, then perhaps you can get it a cat shaped bed or one with squirrels on it. But if your dog is likely to run around in circles chasing the squirrels on his bed and not get any rest on it, then you may want to think about another animal theme! Some other shapes available are crab shaped, snake beds, bear beds, and longhorn steer shaped beds. 

The Internet is a great place to begin your search for the perfect animal theme dog bed for your pet. Along with getting the best rates, you will also get an unbelievable selection to choose from. Some sites to look up are Petco, PupLife, and

When looking for animal theme-style dog beds, make sure you consider the size of the bed as well as the filling and its covers, and not just its theme. If your dog is healthy and active, you could choose a bed with foam filling or feather filling. These beds are very soft and luxurious. However, if your dog is older, has trouble walking, or is in recuperation, you may want to buy a bed that is slightly firmer and also has added support in the form of bolsters and frames.

Another thing that you should ensure is that the animal theme bed goes with the rest of the décor in your home. If your dog is anything like mine, you will have to move its bed to all parts of the home depending on where it wants to sleep on a particular day. Thus, the theme that you choose should be such that it does not look out of place in your home.

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An Elevated Dog Bed Keeps Away Fleas And The Cold

There are many dog owners concerned that their pet may contract Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a common ailment caused by fleas. Seeking medical treatment to cure the poor dog would be a nightmare, but what is worse is the effort needed to break the flea cycle. Fleas have the ability to jump 6-7 inches up the air and almost one foot horizontally. Understanding this fact, more dog owners are now purchasing elevated dog beds to avoid this problem.

Being almost 9 inches up from the ground, your dog will be able to sleep in the “flea-free” zone. Besides fleas, dogs who sleep on elevated dog beds can also escape many types of insects who are constantly crawling on the ground.  There are some great looking raised Kuranda Dog beds at, and

elevated-dog-bed-6206218, 1626170026As elevated pet beds are fully supported by four legs, dog owners may be concerned on its ability to support a dog’s weight. This should not be a problem if you purchase an elevated bed for dogs made from wrought iron or wood. If your dog has not gotten rid of his chewing habits, then it would be best to choose iron beds or beds made from chew-proof wood. Beds made from such materials are also able to support large dogs of up to 130 pounds. Also, rubber feet are fitted onto an elevated dog bed to prevent the bed from skidding. With this, your dog will be able to freely throw himself, roll and jump on his bed as much as he likes.      

Besides keeping your dogs from flees and insects, an dog bed that is elevated will also ensure that your dogs are always one level above the cold hard floor. On, you will find some great beds by Petmate, that offer many orthopedic benefits. Unlike foam beds which are placed on grounds, these elevated foam dog beds can help prevent condensation, a factor which causes foam to rot.

      Cleaning up is easy as most lifted dog beds come with machine-washable covers which can be simply removed by unzipping. Maintaining the cleanliness of an elevated bed frame is even easier; just wipe the bed with a wet cloth. Beds that are raised also allow you to clean the floor without moving the bed at all.

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Beat The Heat With Cooling Dog Beds

When the heat gets to you, you have the option of turning on the air conditioner or go for a cooling swim. But what does your pet dog do when the heat is too much to bear? Most dogs will simply give up the comfort of their cozy beds (all that soft bedding really does add to the warmth) and take to lying on the bare floor where it is much cooler. However, the hardness of the floor can really be murder on their joints. So what is a loving dog owner supposed to do in such situations? Fortunately for you, cooling dog beds come to the rescue.

As the name suggests, cooling dog beds are those beds which help to keep your pooch cool. This can be done in one of several ways depending on the type of the cooling bed.

Common Cooling Pet Bed Types

  1. Cooling water bed: Beds filled with water provide great relief to dogs in the summer months. In fact, if you live in a place where the weather is always hot, such beds could easily be used all year round. The fabric of these beds is tough and durable so that it does not get punctured by your dog. In addition to being great for cooling off, the fact that these beds are filled with water makes them very comfy too.
  2. Cooling pads: These kinds of dog beds are more like a thick mat that a fluffy mattress. The cooling pads are designed in such a way that they do not absorb heat thereby making the bed hot, but repel the heat so that your pet can always stay cool. Some of these pads are also the thermo-regulating kind, which means that they can be used as cooling dog beds in the summer, as well as heated dog beds come winter time.

The K&H Cool Bed II

This cool bed is featured at Here are the features and benefits of this dog bed.

  • The bed is made with a water saturated Cool Core, which is a patented filling for this bed. This filling stops heat from being absorbed into the bed, but helps to radiate it back into the environment. Thus, when your pet uses this bed, its body heat too will dissipate, thereby cooling it considerably.
  • As dogs do not sweat, the only way they can lower their body temperature is by panting. But when they do this, they tend to drool which can spoil their dog bed. However, this cooling dog bed can easily be wiped clean, which means you can wipe away all traces of drool. What’s more, as the bed helps to lower your pet’s body heat, they will not even drool as much.

Too much heat can be very bad for your dog, which is why you should get a cooling dog bed today! also has a great selection of cooling pet beds.

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Best Deals On Personalized Dog Beds

Personalized dog beds are an ideal choice for homes where there are multiple pets. By personalizing the dog beds to each dog, you can ensure that all your pets have some personal space that they can call their own.

It is not just humans who like to have some privacy. In fact, animals need their space even more than humans do. When a dog is irritable or is unwell, it does not like to be disturbed by anyone. This is why sometimes dogs bark or growl even at their owners, as it is their way of telling them to stay away. But with another animal in the house it might be difficult for pets to get the solitude that they seek. Thus, by having personalized beds for each different dog in your home, you can give them their space and ensure that they have a place to go to when they want to be alone.

It is true that dogs cannot read and would not know which bed is theirs even if they were personalized with their names. However, dogs can be trained to know that a particular bed is theirs and that other beds are off limits to them. And with the personalization, it would be easier for you to keep track of which bed is for which pet.

We have looked through various sites on the net and have found that the best deals for personalized dog beds can be found at On this site, you can take your pick from any kind of dog beds including luxury beds, large dog beds, dog water beds, orthopedic beds, discount dog beds, and fancy dog beds and can then have the beds personalized with your pets’ names. You can specify a name with up to 12 letters. This website also has personalization experts who are available 24/7 to answer any and all your queries about personalized dog beds.

Even if you do not have multiple pets in the house, you can still get a personalized dog bed for your canine friend. It is a nice touch to have on any kind of dog bed and can make even an ordinary pet bed that much more special and unique. Some vendors offer you personalization as part of the bed cost whereas others may charge you a small fee to get the bed personalized. Either ways, a personalized bed for your dog can be a wonderful addition to your home and a loving gesture for your pet. 

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Burrow Dog Beds For The Shy Ones

It is pointless buying your dog a bed, which suit your needs and taste perfectly if your dog refuses to spend even a second on the bed. Therefore, it is important that you understand your dogs’ need before buying a dog bed. Some dogs especially the young ones are timid and often feel insecure sleeping on an open bed like a pillow bed. Most of the times, they enjoy the comfort of snuggling into the sheets or just simply hide under sheets of cloth. If your dog belongs to the shy and timid type, then getting a burrow dog bed seems to be the ultimate choice to allow your furry pal to continue enjoying the coziness of hiding in between sheets in the comfort of his very own bed.

The Petmate Burrow bed and the Cozy Cave bed are among some of the burrow dog beds available in the market. Your dogs will feel utmost comfortable delving into the hoods on these beds. The inner covers of the hoods are made from soft and warm materials like sheepskin and faux lambs’ wool to provide your dogs the warmth they need when they are snuggle up in the hoods. Also, most burrow dog beds are machine washable so there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to cleaning up the bed.

If you have a puppy, you will definitely fall in love with the cute and dainty slipper dog bed on. Available in pastel colors like pink and baby blue, the burrow bed’s shape is almost like a giant slipper. It has a canopy top for your puppies to snuggle. In addition, the internal part of this canopy top is made of textured Berber to keep your puppy warm and cozy. The inner cushion of this bed is reversible so you can choose to use either the plush side or the Berber side according to the weather and your puppy’s needs. On top of all these great features, the bed also comes with a “princess logo” sewn onto its pink plush exterior. With this, you little best friend will feel like a princess sleeping in such pretty burrow bed. Similarly, the baby blue version for male puppies comes with the “prince logo” instead.

Also, if you check out Orvis burrow dog beds, you will find burrow dog beds with suede micro fiber exteriors and plush Berber fleece interiors. Additionally, with hypoallergenic polyfil linings for these beds, you can be sure that your dog will stay healthy and cozy with a bed like this.

Finally, if your smaller dogs or puppies do not sleep well, then the problem most probably lies in the exposure of their bed. Do your dog a favor by helping him or her sleep soundly and comfortably in a burrow dog bed. Your dog will love you for the security and warmth they get from such beds.

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Buying A Raised Dog Bed

When it comes to dog beds, the two main types are beds which rest on the floor and raised dog beds. While dog beds which rest on the floor are great for older dogs, dogs that have undergone some surgery, or dogs that have some problem with their legs, raised beds do provide many more benefits over such beds.

As the name suggests, a raised pet bed is one where the bedding does not touch the floor but is raised. The bedding is either some kind of fabric that is stretched and tucked inside the frames so as to lie above the floor; or a mattress that rests on a frame bed where only the supports touch the floor and not the actual bed.

Raised Pet Bed Types

  1. Wooden beds: A bamboo bed, a cedar bed, or a raised Adirondack bed can be a great addition to any home. In such dog beds, the bed frame is made from wood and the mattress rests on the frame. The beds may also have a headboard and sideboards, which essentially makes these dog beds look like miniatures of our beds. If you need some extra storage space to keep all your dog accessories, you can even get a wood dog-bed with drawers. Now doesn’t that make for an awesome raised bed indeed!
  2. Wrought iron pet beds: No one can deny the amazing beauty of wrought iron furniture, which is why they are so popular in homes. Now you can get your pet a raised wrought iron bed too. Along with providing it a comfortable sleeping place, the bed will also enhance the décor of your home. There are two types of mattresses that can be used with such raised dog beds – pillow top mattresses and coil spring mattresses.
  3. Wicker raised dog beds: Great beds to spoil your pet with! These are made from wicker that has been treated to be durable and strong. The beds will compliment any type of home décor and will be the perfect personal retreat for your pet.

The advantages of raised dog beds is that they keep your dog off the floor and thus away from bugs and insects that roam the floors. And since air is allowed to pass under the bed, your dog remains cool at all times. has some great deals on raised dog beds.

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Classy Pink Dog Beds

If your canine looks good in bubbly colors, pink dog beds are the perfect stuff for it. Whoever said that there are things prettier than pink may be right at some point. But there is no denying that this pastel color is a symbol of everything hip and pretty.

With so many designer and luxury dog beds — not to mention the other bed types like orthopedic, heated, washable, vinyl, and many others – it is really difficult to spot the perfect bed for your most trusted canine companion. Almost all dog bed manufacturers out there claim to have THE ultimate pink beds for dogs.

Before you even dare to shell out your hard-earned bucks, let these simple tips help you figure out which is the perfect pink bed for your most beloved dog:

1. Chic and stylish. Remember that pink is chic. As such, choose the one which gives justice to what its color stands for. Whether it is a canopy, donut, trellis, teacup, sleigh, dome, reversible, wood, wrought iron, or slipper style, you should go for the one with a nice design. You may go out for floral, fleece, swirl, faux fur, twill, and other fabrics and design, depending on which you think will match your dog’s personality as well as blend well with any surrounding.

2. Very comfy and durable. Style should go hand in hand with ultimate comfort and durability. Who would want a very stylish dog bed with horrible comfort features? You sure also don’t want to compromise your dog’s safety. As such, examine the bed’s over-all features. Generally, dog beds with iron or steel frames are the sturdiest, as these materials offer excellent support and strength, which are very ideal if you have huge dogs like Great Danes or Dobermans.

Pink dog beds with thick fillings are the most comfortable ones. An over-stuffed bed is a good choice compared to under-stuffed types. Remember that your dog’s bed should offer comfort and protection. If your pooch is a senior one, go for orthopedic, or heated beds or beds with excellent cooling system as they are particularly helpful during cold and warm weather, respectively.

Also, check out if the bed is generally larger than your pooch to allow for maximum mobility on it. Simply check out the bed’s over-all size and weight capacity and if they complement your dog’s weight and size.

3. Very easy to clean. See if the bed has removable covers so you won’t have a hard time taking them off for cleaning. Also, check out if it is machine washable. Washing by hand is not a bad idea but, if you can do the task using a washing machine, why opt for the hard way? A regularly washed dog bed lasts longer than the periodically cleaned one.

These are some of the most important points that you should consider in buying a pink dog bed. Since your goal is to provide your pet with proper bedding without compromising style or fashion, a pink dog bed surely fits your dog’s character and your preference as well.

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Cool Dog Beds Keep Your Dog’s Temperature At Bay

A healthy dog’s body temperature ranges from 37.2 to 39.2 degree Celsius. This explains why a dog may get warmer faster than human beings. Following their natural instincts, dogs will always seek for a cooler surface to lie on when it gets warm. Often, they end up sleeping on cold hard floors. Although these surfaces provide a cooler place to lie on, doing this may place your dogs at risk of getting arthritis. This is one main reason why it is essential to get your dog a cool dog bed.     

K&H, the same brand that produces some of the best bed warmers, also has a cooling bed with varying sizes within their product line. On, you will be able to take a closer look at this bed. Indeed, the bed is kept cool at all times by radiating heat back to the air or the floor. The water-saturated core of this bed helps to absorb the dog’s body heat, hence producing a cooling effect.


cool-dog-bed-9213083, 1626170034Another great cooler bed to look out for is the Canine Cooler Thermo regulating dog bed.  With its one-of-a-kind Soothsoft® Comfort Technology, this water-based bed is able to absorb a lot of heat. The tip to use this cool dog bed is to place it in the cool and shady corner of your house, as cooler surroundings will help increase its cooling abilities.

      Cool beds like K&H and Canine provide therapeutic benefits too. The cooling effect from these beds can ease the discomfort of arthritic dogs. Filled with the right amount of fluid, the flexible (but not wobbly) surface of these beds can conform to the dog’s body shape to help reduce pressure points.      All cool pet beds are properly sealed so there should be no worries about leakage. Dog beds designed for cooling have been claimed to be one of the easiest to maintain. All you need to do to keep it clean is to wipe the bed with a wet cloth. The only thing you need to be careful is not to place these cool dog beds under direct sunlight.     

For other cooler dog bed shopping options, just click on www.petcarecentral .com or Your dog’s comfort is just a click away.

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Dog Bed Replacement Covers For A Cozy Time!

Entice your dog with a brand new dog bed if you think he has grown sick looking at his old bed. You won’t have to waste a huge amount of money to buy a new bed, but rather just replace the covers for a brand new look!

One of the best sites to shop for dog bed covers would be at Orvis offers a buffet of bed covers in many different materials and patterns. If you had purchased a dog nest bed from Orvis, than you can always buy a replacement dog bed cover, available in seven sizes and patterns such as tartan or patchwork. These classic designs will give your dog bed an instant face-lift.

Dog couch beds also do not have to end up in the thrash bin once the arm bolsters start to tear and lose its loft. There are replacement bed covers even for couch beds if you visit websites like and Do not worry about struggling to fit the bed into the covers as the replacement dog bed covers come with zippers.       Different materials also work to serve different purposes. In order to keep your dog warm and cozy in the winter days but cool on summer afternoons, the Berber-Sherpa cover would be the ultimate choice as the material has the ability to retain heat when it is cold and eliminate heat when temperature rises. However, if you want the additional durability for your dog beds, you may want to consider choosing a replacement bed cover made of industrial canvas, tough enough to last you the lifetime of your dog’s bed.       For dogs that are still at the chewing stage, it would be a great idea to buy them a chew-proof replacement cover.  Chew-proof replacement covers are usually made of super tough denier cordura. If your dog’s bed is filled with non chew-proof materials, you can always replace the cover with a chew-proof one. When the dog cannot bite through the cover, it is almost impossible that he will be able to reach the core of the bed.       It is never a bad idea to invest in good brands such as Orvis, SSS, GelPedic or Mammoth as these products offer the exact bed covers fit to replace all their models of dog beds. For the exclusive GelPedic bed, there is the GelPedic bed cover with zippers for easy removal. Do not just settle for a cheaper replacement cover as GelPedic bed covers are specially designed to protect the bed.      

Also available in the market is the SSS Petcare fitted sheet made of durable polycotton twill that fits the bed just like a second skin. Fitted replacement bed covers are amazing, as you do not have to flatten the bed sheets each time your dog gets up. This ensures your dog’s bed look tidy and neat effortlessly.

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Donut Dog Beds – The Most Common Dog Beds Of All!

Just got your new pooch? Then you definitely need to get the accompanying pet accessories which are totally essential for your new best friend. The first thing you need is a place for your dog to sleep in. It’s best for your dog to have his own bed, and one of the most versatile dog beds that you can get for indoors would be a donut dog bed.

Shaped much like a donut in a sense, donut dog beds can easily be purchased at any of your local pet store, or even online from sites such as, Petco and Petcare Central . What’s more, dog beds available in so many shapes and sizes, you’d probably need to get your dog to make the choice!

Donut dog-beds are basically made from polyester fiber within but wrapped with a variety of different fabric. These could be velvet, cotton or suede in multiple colors and prints. Furthermore, the outer ring functions as security and boundary of the bed, while the extra cushion at the bottom provides your dog with extra comfort.

Most importantly, doughnut dog beds are made to be machine washable and dryable. All you need to do is to remove the outer cover and wash that in the washing machine. Regularly washing your donut bed will keep your dog’s personal area clean, preventing the build up of dust which may also cause skin allergies on your dog.

Apart from that, these beds are also made in many sizes, as dogs also come in toy, small, medium and large sizes. With this, you can be sure to find one that best fit the size of your dog.

A visit to will find that their selection includes double donut dog beds as well. These beds incorporate another layer of a bolster and also piping, to give it an elegant look. Most importantly, their expensive look will go well with the décor of your home. What’s more, the various prints and materials will do well to match any home theme.

Finally, high-memory fiber material help ensure that your dog will have a great and comfortable sleep in his favorite spot.  Also, some donut dog beds come with a removable tufted cushion at the bottom, which can be used as a pet travel bed when the need arises.

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Fall In Love With Bowser Dog Beds

Love at first touch – this is usually the responses of most people when they first lay their hands on Bowser dog beds. Bowser pet beds are well known for their superior quality and luxurious fabrics. Their extensive range of dog beds that include donut beds, dutchie beds, loungers and travel beds allow you to select the bed that best suits you and your dog’s needs.

Wrapped in soft and luxurious covers such as micro fiber, suede, micro velvet or cotton, these beds are smooth and gentle, an attribute that will tempt every dog to just laze and cuddle up. Made from designers’ upholstery fabrics in earthy shades like brown or beige, each Bowser dog bed will look gorgeous in your house. If earthy colors are not your choice, then you can choose from the other pastel colors or floral fabrics. In fact, some dog owners think that their Bowser bed is eye candy amongst their other pieces of furniture. The fabrics are also so durable that the bed will still look good after repeated washes. The zippers on the beds’ cover also permits easy removal.      

The fabrics used to make Bowser pet beds do not just look good but they do serve many other purposes as well. For example, beds made of fabrics as Berber has the potential to retain the dog’s heat during winter keeping the dog warm and cozy.

      Besides the luxurious fabrics, Bowser’s beds are filled with high quality polyester fiber, which will easily regain its loft when it is not in use. This feature promises your dogs the comfort and support they need.       The outer bolster of the Bowser donut bed will also appeal to many dog owners. In addition, the inside cushion can be detached so you can fit it into crates, should you decide to keep your dog in the crate. Buy your dog a Bowser dutchie bed or a Donut Bed and watch your dog cuddle the overstuffed bolster as he lies on the super soft cushion. Your dog will thank you for all the pleasure he gets from sleeping on a Bowser bed.      

These dog beds are available in many different dimensions to accommodate small to large dogs.  The beds are also able to support large dogs up to 120 pounds. If you have a larger dog, thed ouble donut bed or Bowser reversible lounger bed is the perfect choice as these beds come with an open front so your bigger dogs can access their beds easily.

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Finding The Perfect Gusset Dog Beds

Dog beds can actually replace dog crates,  especially if the pet owner is open to the idea that his prized pooch is a part of the family and just like anybody else, it should have an appropriate place in the house. In this regard, it is only fitting and proper that dog owners take note of the style and overall designed purpose of such bed as this will apparently be the only place wherein the dog should experience maximum comfort.

One type of dog bed that is not only highly useful but stylish as well is the gusset dog bed. These days, manufacturers of this type of dog bed have come up with various ideas concerning the design, flexibility, coziness, and overall purpose. There are those that are made of strong fabrics that should support the weight and movement of the dog. Meanwhile, there are gusset dog beds that are designed for easy cleaning (on the dog owner’s part), thus promoting a cleaner environment for the dog. Moreover, gusset beds also come in various shapes and sizes to fit the available space in the dog owner’s place.

However, if you prefer having gusset dog beds (and not just ordinary dog beds) instead of dog crates, make sure that you choose the one that best fits the size, character, and needs of your dog. Take note of the following in finding that perfect dog bed:

  • The bed should be made of premium materials that are guaranteed to be durable and provide comfort. In their strictest sense, high-quality materials equal years of service without compromising the expected results. As such, from the fillings and covers to the zippers, your gusset bed should stand out. Be on the look out for stain-resistant fabrics and odor-resistant foams as these materials offer round-the-clock optimum support.
  • Your choice of gusset pet bed should prove to be the type that guarantees optimum comfort and support. Remember that your dog’s health and comfort are among your top concerns. Make it a point to examine the fillings thereof. The foams or fillings used should be able to constantly offer support to your dog. They should be durable and soft enough to ensure that your prized canine does not feel the pressure of being on the bed. Remember that an over-stuffed bed is way better than an under-stuffed one.
  • The size of the bed should complement your dog’s weight or size. Here is the rule of thumb: always see to it that the gusset dog bed’s parameter occupies a bigger space than the area covered by your dog when it lays down with all its legs stretched outward. This way, there is room enough for your dog to move or to flip over. If you will purchase one in the mall and you can’t bring your dog along with you, you may simply list down your dog’s dimensions for comparison. When shopping online, simply look for the dimensions of the gusset beds and compare them with your dog’s.
  • Finally, the gusset bed should make the cleaning thereof easy for you. Make sure that your choice has removable covers and can be washed either through the washing machine or manual cleaning. This will make sure that you won’t squander precious hours just cleaning the bed.

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Finding The Right Floral Bed For Your Pooch

Without a doubt, flowers of every imaginable sort — tulips, petunias, roses,  chrysanthemums, hyacinths, ivies, and a whole lot more – render different emotional and psychological impacts to people. Chrysanthemum in red signifies love, while the white also represents truth. Ivy, on the other hand, stands for eternal fidelity; the red rose for love, desire, passion, and respect. However, if innocence, humility, reverence, and truth are what you’re aiming for, pick the white rose instead. Do you know that the flowers you’re particularly fond of also serve as reflections of your personality?

Most probably, your room has a hint of flowers in it. You may have a set of those brightly colored bed sheets or some floral pillowcases, both of which reflect your sunny disposition. The same in buying the right floral bed for your canine friend, you should be more careful in choosing what color and style will be best for your dog. More than just a design, they’re also an indicator of your dog’s unique personality. To help you make up your mind, these simple tips may help you arrive at the perfect pick:

1. Choose the floral bed with excellent materials: Take into consideration the overall composition of the bed. Generally, it should be made out of durable and high quality materials. From the fabric down to the threads and zippers, you should examine every detail. Whether it is a canopy, wrought iron, dome, donut, couch, lounge, or a bolster type, the bed should only be made out of the best materials available. The interior should also be built with thick stuffing to firmly support your pet and provide extra comfort. The fabric, however, should be of luggage material to withstand your dog’s biting as well as the constant washing.

Having a bed made of sturdy and durable materials will assure prolonged use. This will also help you save more money on constant repair and replacement.

2. Make sure that the bed is versatile, affordable, feature-packed, and reflective of your dog’s personality:
Remember these considerations: The color of the bed and design should blend well with every possible surrounding. Whether you place it on the living room, bedroom, or playroom, the bed should complement the place instead of create an eyesore. In which case, choose among the many kinds of floral prints – vintage, classic blossoms, or cottage floral – that will complement most parts of your home. Moreover, a floral bed with features such as a poly-fiber stuffing, safety for machine wash and dryer, as well as the use of luggage-grade materials, is basically a good option. More so, if the price of the floral dog bed is also reasonable. Never forget that it should be a mirror of your dog’s personality. After all, it is your pet that should take the center stage.

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Get a Car Dog Bed And You’ll Have A Cozy Friend On Board!

Traveling with dogs will never be a nightmare anymore with the invention of car dog beds. With a car bed, you won’t have to leave your dog behind, as he can now be as comfortable as he is at home. Just let your dog rest on the car dog bed as you drive freely without worrying if your dogs will be wetting the luxurious seats of your car or SUVs.      

Take a browse through and you will find many essential items for frequent travel with dogs. For instance, the Car-go-bed appeals to many dog owners as this poly-filled bed provides a sturdy surface for your dog to lie on. This bed comes with two different sides – a water-resistant side that helps to protect the interior of the bed and the car seat should the dog wet the bed, and a Sherpa side that repels dirt and pet hair to maintain the cleanliness of your car.

car-dog-bed-9774622, 1626170041Should you forget to bring your dog’s blanket with you, this bed can always serve as a cozy blanket for your dog. Additionally, it is easy to store, with no zippers or bolsters sewn on to it. When not in use, just roll up the bed and secure it with the Velcro straps that are attached to the bed.


The SUV mat available from is another potential dog bed for the car. The contours on this bed ensure that it fits perfectly on your car seat. Also, the micro suede fabric used to wrap the bed helps to repel dirt, moisture as well as pet hair. In addition, the covers are also machine-washable and dryable, making this car dog bed one of the easiest to maintain.

Another best seller on this website is the SnoZZy Sleeper dog bed, which comes with a non-skid backing. This helps to hold the bed in place no matter how active your dog can be. If you decide to spend a night in a foreign place, just place the bed on the floor and your dog will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.       If you really face difficulties in selecting the right car pet bed to fit your car, then you may want to consider the Synthetic Sheepskin Pet Pad that can be cut to size. This unique fabric does not fray even after being trimmed. Additionally, sheepskin is also able to retain heat in cooler climates and eliminate heat when it gets warmer.      

For more vehicle dog bed shopping options, check out,, and, for a greater selection list.

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Get A Cute Bed For Your Cute Dog

Oreo is a 6-month old chubby Pekingese who sleeps on his Snuggle Slipper bed every night. If Oreo could talk, he would ask his owner’s friends to stop looking at him as he may shy away at times. However, it is almost impossible not to at least take a glance at Oreo because he is just so irresistible and adorable when he is curled up on this cute baby blue dog bed.  

Let your dog share the same fame as Oreo by purchasing one of the many cute dog beds available on websites such as, or These dog beds are so dainty that you may find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to deciding which one to buy.


cute-pet-bed-5322182, 1626170044The New York Dog Hawaiian Garden Snuggle on is one that would attract the attention of many dog owners. Served as a cozy little nest bed, this bed is available in bright colors like Polynesian Pink and Ocean Blue. The cutest detail about this bed is that you can also opt to buy a matching dog bone pillow. If you feel that the Hawaiian inspired fabric does not blend with your home concept, then maybe you should consider getting the New York Dog Hampton Snuggle, which looks similar yet, comes with a stripe fabric cover.

On the same website, you will find other cute beds lfor dogs ike the Slipper Dog bed. Made of soft plush material and lined with textured Berber, this bed will provide your dogs the comfort and warmth they need. The slipper shape allows your shy dogs to delve into the hoods for the security they desire. When you purchase this bed, you will also get a squeaker toy free. There are two adorable designs to choose from: Lil’ Blue Prince or Lil’ Pink Princess. What makes the bed so irresistible aside from the sweet candy colors is the Prince or Princess logo, which is sewn onto the bed cover.

The Howlin Pet Framed Bijou bed is also another cute pet bed that appeals to many dog owners especially puppy owners. This beaded bed frame can support weights of up to 25 lbs. If you are looking for a fancy and cute dog bed that would last you a long time than this bed is your ultimate choice as the bed frame is built of iron. It is equipped with a soft plump pillow covered in soft coffee-colored micro suede. Your dog will look like a little prince or princess sleeping on this soft as cotton bed.

Other cute bed to look out for is the Orvis Buttercup dog bed. Just the name itself could lure you into buying this bed. Your dogs will sit comfortably in these buttercup shaped beds made of superior fabric for the extra comfort and warmth.

Do not hesitate to shop for the some cute dog beds. These beds will promise to make your cute dogs even cuter. Just like Oreo, you may find your neighbors visiting you very often just to sneak a peak when you place them into one of these cute beds.

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Get a Pillow Dog Bed For Comfort And Durability

The pillow dog bed is almost every dog’s heaven on earth. Just the sight of the pillow bed is enough to invite your dog to just throw himself on the bed, curl up and laze for as long as he can. At, there are a variety of dog beds that come with covers and fillings made of many different materials.  From suede cover to polyester cotton cover, each one of them promises the same comfort and softness to allow your dog to enjoy his sleep.

Certainly, the filling of the bed is what matters most. The integration of recycled and virgin fiber creates the perfect filling, which provides an unmatched comfortable sleeping experience.

When it comes to the cover of the pillow bed, dog owners will definitely be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of covers made of different type of materials. For a smooth and soft surface, you can purchase the suede-like or microfibre cover. You will fall in love with this cover the moment you touch it. For a warm and cozy bed, it’s a good idea to purchase covers that made of fleece, able to keep warm in cool rooms and cool when the temperature increases.

If round beds are not your preference, you can always opt for the square ones. There are some very stylish square pillow beds at, which will certainly jazz up your home decoration. Be it round or square, what appeals most to dog owners is the fact that dog pillow beds are not limited to certain dimensions. This means that you can place the dog bed virtually anywhere in you house. If the bed is not in use, you can also fold it for easier storage.

Pillow dog beds are not made for puppies or smaller dogs only. In fact, companies like Orvis allow you to customize the dimension of the pillow bed to accommodate even large dogs like Labrador Retrievers. Mammoth pillow beds that comes in XL sizes will definitely provide your large dogs the space it needs.

Other than the elegance and softness of a pillow bed, it may also be worthwhile to check out the hygiene features of a pillow bed. Some beds are built with a layer of carbon at the bottom to trap unpleasant odors of your dog from evaporating into the room. In addition, some beds come with antibacterial lining sewn to prevent your pillow dog bed from becoming the breeding ground for bacteria. .

If simplicity and comfort are your main priorities, then a pillow dog bed would be you’re the perfect and ideal choice for your dog.

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Get Your Own Custom Dog Beds

Even though there are hundreds of different types of dog beds available in the markets, with varying styles, designs, and level of comfort; you may still not find that perfect dog bed for your pet. In such a situation, custom dog beds are a great alternative.

Customized dog beds are the best option for those dog owners who cannot find a ready dog bed that suits their pet just right. Perhaps the style of bed that you like is not sized properly for your dog, or it may not have adequate support or softness, or maybe you just do not like the looks of any dog beds that you have come across. With customized dog beds, you can do away with all these problems.

Here are some ways in which you can customize your dog beds:

1) Size: This is the main reason that dog owners go for custom dog beds. If not sized right, the bed may be too big or too small for your dog, which is not conducive to good sleep. Thus, instead of opting for an incorrect size, go in for a custom dog bed that is sized perfectly for your dog. Not just in length and width, but the dog bed will be sized to the right height too.

2) Cushions and Mattresses: You can choose whether you want a stiffed cushion with the custom dog bed or you want to go in for a mattress. In addition to being sized for the bed frame, you can also specify how much thickness you require.

3) Frame Materials: Depending on the size and the weight of your pet, you can choose different materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC etc for the frame of the dog bed. How durable and long lasting you need the bed to be will also determine your choice of materials.

In addition to the above, you can also choose various colors, designs, and patterns for the dog bed. The mattress or cushion can even be of the orthopedic variety for old or injured pets. is a great site for custom dog beds. Along with having a phenomenal collection to choose from, this site also offers you the option of personalizing the dog bed with your pet’s name.

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Heated Dog Beds – Make Life Easier For Your Pet

Humans have the option of snuggling up to a loved one or covering themselves with a thermal blanket when the weather becomes too cold for comfort. But what option does your pet have? Do not make the mistake of thinking that a thick coat of fur is all that your dog needs to keep it warm. If you live in a place where temperatures are very low, you need to buy a heated dog bed for your pet to keep it warm and safe.

Heated dog beds can be used by all breeds of dogs. Regardless of whether your dog has a thick coat of fur or is one of the no-hair breeds, it needs extra warmth and heat when the going gets too cold. Many people cover their pets with blankets to provide them with extra heat. But I haven’t known any dog to keep the blanket on all night. They turn and roll about causing their blankets to come off and thus start getting cold all over again. But with heated beds, you won’t have to face such problems.

Heated Dog Bed Features and Benefits

Heated dog beds contain a thermostat, which helps you to adjust the temperature of the bed. Some beds may even contain two thermostats to give you superior heating options. Apart from regular heated beds, you also have the option of buying a bed that has a massage feature. Just as we enjoy a great massage after a tiring day at work, so will your pet love the combination of heat and massage, all built into its own bed!

In addition to keeping your pooch warm, there are beds which can also help their arthritis or aching joints. Heated orthopedic dog beds are the ideal choice in this regard. Along with having a thermostat to control the heat, these beds also contain convoluted orthopedic foam that gives your pet the support that it needs. These beds are great for all dogs, but if your dog is old then a heated orthopedic dog bed is an absolute necessity.

Contrary to what many dog owners believe, heated dog beds are not only required for an older dog but are also very beneficial for dogs which are young and active. Sometimes in their enthusiasm, dogs are known to be too active, which can make their joints ache. Thus, with heating dog beds, you can ensure that your active pet gets all the TLC that it needs for a restful night.

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Keep Your Pet Healthy With Washable Dog Beds

The dog bed industry is growing by leaps and bounds, all thanks to the fact that dog owners want to give the very best in terms of dog beds to their pets. In order to fulfill the growing demand, you can now see various kinds of pet beds on the market, ranging from the basic and affordable varieties to the high end deluxe beds. Comfort and size are the two main things that every dog owner should look for in a dog bed, but ease of cleaning and maintenance comes a close second. In this regard, washable dog beds are the very best.

Washable beds are those beds that can easily be washed and dried. They are mainly of two types:

  1. Those that have washable covers.
  2. Types that are entirely waterproof and can thus be washed fully.

washable-dog-bed-1297522, 1626170049The dog beds which are waterproof can not only be cleaned easily but also provide protection against damp floors. These can even be used outdoors without having to worry about damaging the bed or the inside filling. The second type of wash able dog beds are the ones that are not entirely waterproof but have washable covers. These covers are of the removable variety and can thus be removed as and when they need cleaning.

Washable Dog Bed Benefits

  • Since these beds can be washed when dirty, they do not provide a breeding ground for fleas and ticks. If the bed does tend to accumulate fleas, you can simply wash the bed and rid it of all the pests. This helps to keep your dog free from ticks and fleas and keep it healthier.
  • Some old dogs develop incontinence problems and may accidentally relieve themselves on their beds. In such a situation, washable peds beds are a god send as you can wash them and make them clean once again. You or your pet need not even live with a smelly dog bed.
  • Regular washing not only helps to keep the dog bed clean and your pet in good health, but it also helps to extend the life of the dog bed. Most washable beds for dogs can be washed for unlimited cycles and still keep looking as good as new. With a quality dog bed, you don’t have to worry about frayed fabrics or damaged fillings and can thus use the bed for a long time.

When looking for a wash-able dog bed, make sure to pick one that can be washed in the machine. has some great deals!

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Let Your Dog Nest On A Cozy Nesting Bed

It may very likely be almost impossible for any dog to resist sleeping and cuddling up onto a soft and cozy nesting bed. Thus, you should pamper your loyal friend with a dog nesting bed so that he too can enjoy this luxury. After all, a good night’s rest is what it takes to make each dog happy. However, it may take you some time to decide which nesting bed is best for your dog as there are many to choose from.

As dogs spend almost 12 hours a day sleeping, it is important to get them a bed that offers the most comfort. For many years, Orvis dog beds have been some of the best nesting beds in the market, which are filled with top-of-the-range polyfil. Silent and soft and also chew-proof, they are suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. The mixture of cedar in the beds helps to repel insects as well as to keep the bed from unpleasant odors. The most attractive feature of the nesting dog beds found on is that you can get your dogs name sewn onto the bed. With that, your dog will officially own a personal bed.      

dog-nest-9552134, 1626170051Owners may even buy their dogs a round nesting bed for extra space to roll and stretch. For the extra comfort, get dog beds that come with bolsters so that your dog can cuddle up as they sleep.

      Other than polyfil beds, foam-filled beds also make great nesting beds, as they provide both comfort and support. Foam fills also conform to your dog’s body so they will be able to sleep in any position that they are most comfortable in.      

Caddis offers an extensive range of nesting pet beds such as those with either the Sherpa or Berber covers. Both Sherpa and Berber are well known for their abilities to keep your dogs warm and cozy especially during winter. Visit for more dog nests and if you purchase now, you will be enjoying some very special prices too. Do not worry about paying expensive shipping charges just because the sizes of the beds are rather large. Caddis’ nesting dog beds are vacuumed pack so you can definitely save up a lot on shipping charges. In fact, with a nesting dog bed, you will definitely have a happy friend waiting for you when you get home!

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Let Your Dog Relax With A Pet Couch

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing more relaxing than throwing yourself onto the couch in front of the TV. Sadly, this simple pleasure may turn into a nightmare if your dog starts occupying more space than you. What your dog needs would probably be his own dog couch bed.

Pet couch beds are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. However, large dogs will love the comfort these beds provide as the open front section allows easy access. Most couch beds come with overstuffed side pillows or bolsters so your dog can cuddle to sleep. These side-bolsters or pillows are also detachable for easy washing.      

dog-couch-7708761, 1626170052Ultimately, what determines the quality of a dog bed is the filling of the bed. At, the Beasley’s couch bed and Infinity bolster bed seem to steal the hearts of many dog owners due to the products’ superior quality and greater comfort levels. The Beasley’s couch bed is filled with Hypro-loft fibers while the Infinity Bolster dog bed is filled with high-loft silk polyester. These fillings have the potential to retain its loft to give your dogs the most comfortable surface to sleep on.


Dog couches are very attractive and look good at almost any corner of your house. With so many designs to choose from, one can certainly find a dog couch bed that will blend in perfectly with the home decor. If you are looking for a chic and classy couch bed then the Bowser Double Donut bed (, will certainly melt your heart.  The soft and breathable micro-velvet that covers the bed looks good to and feels soft on the fingers too. The luxurious fabric also has the ability to repel pet hair, dirt and moisture.      

If you are the type who constantly demands for refreshing looks, then get your dog a reversible lounger like the one on This couch bed allows you to flip the bed inside out so you can get a new look all the time.

      In addition, most of the couch shaped dog beds have orthopedic benefits. Beds like Beasley’s couch and Bowser’s Double D Platinum bed come with “egg-crate” shaped foam bottoms that help reduce pressure points and ease the discomfort of arthritic dogs.       If you think a pet couch bed lacks the warmth and security your dog needs, then get the Infinity Cuddler as this bed has higher sides therefore your dog will feel more protected sleeping on this bed. This bed is also great for puppies.      

Finally, couch beds are not just eye candy; they do serve many other functions as well.  The next time when you laze on your couch, you are can be confident that your dog is enjoying the same level of comfort as you do.

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Luxury Dog Beds – Spoil Your Pet Rotten

If a standard dog bed just does not match your tastes and that of your pampered pooch, then luxury dog beds are just the thing for you. These beds are right for those who have elegant and sophisticated preferences, not to mention a very fussy pet. For dogs that live the good life, nothing compares to the feel and looks of a luxury dog bed, which are so elegant looking that they will blend right in place in your luxurious home.

Although the looks and styling of the bed is important, it is not the design alone that makes a bed a luxury one. The filling inside the bed as well as the top cover is what sets a luxury dog bed apart from regular pet beds.

Luxury Dog Bed Fillings

  • Hi-loft Polyfill: Regular dog beds are filled with regular polyfill which makes them comfortable but not quite that lavish. As far as luxury dog beds are concerned, these are filed with hi-loft fiber polyfill which is a substance that can be fluffed again and again. Thus, if the filling sags with repeated use of the dog bed, you simply need to fluff it up and the bed will be as soft as new.
  • Foam Filling: Unlike regular foam that is filled in standard dog beds, luxury models are filled with a type of foam that is known as Memory Foam. This is a high density foam that takes the shape of your dog’s body and provides it a comfortable nesting place. As soon as your pet lies down on such a bed, the memory foam will instantly and automatically adjust according to your pet’s size, weight, and shape. As memory foam does not gather or flatten, a dog bed filled with this foam will remain thick and soft in all parts of the bed. This foam is even popular for its therapeutic uses as it gives immense relief to arthritic dogs and those with painful joints.
  • Feather Filling: A single feather can feel so soft and smooth against your skin. Now imagine an entire bed filled with feathers! Well, that is the same lush feeling that can be obtained with a feather filled luxury dog bed. In fact, this ultimate in luxury beds is so comfy that you may be tempted to try it out yourself!

Thus, with luxury dog beds, a dog’s life does not seem so bad after all!

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Magnetic Dog Beds To Ease Aching Joints and Muscles

The theory on the way magnetic therapy works on your dogs is quite simple. Magnetism increases blood circulation on the areas where pain occurs, hence forcing blood to flow through a magnetic field. The heat produced from this process would increase the flow of oxygen to the affected area which helps to speed up the healing process.

Realizing the therapeutic benefits of magnetism, many dog bed manufacturers are incorporating magnetic pads into their beds. Magnetic beds have the potential to speed up the recovery of sore backs, bruises, swells and muscle damages. These beds are also ideal for dogs who are suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Over at, you will be able to find the Orthopedic Magnetic pet beds that increase the dog’s melatonin production. The release of this hormone will help reduce the dogs’ pain if he or she is suffering from any injuries.      

Check out websites like, , or to view the different magnetic dog beds available in the market. Amarillo and Magna-Mat do offer a good range of magnetic beds that help reduce pain of dogs suffering from arthritis.

In terms of the design of magnetic beds, they are pretty much the same. Magnetic buttons are sandwiched between layers of foams. Such magnetic buttons are positioneed strategically to enable the user to enjoy the maximum benefits from magnetic therapy.      

Many dog owners may assume that magnetic dog beds are heavy and therefore be somewhat difficult to move around. This is not entirely true as magnetic beds are usually pads, which can be placed on the floor, in crates, on your couch or even on the car seat.

Before buying a magnetic bed, it would be wise to check out the gauss rating of the magnets inserted into the beds. Higher gauss ratings indicate deeper magnetic penetration into your dog’s body. For higher gauss rated magnetic beds, you can try the Polar Power dog beds, each of which contains biomagnets measuring 3,950 gauss each. Also, the number of biomagnets varies according to the size of the bed. For example, the smaller beds are fitted with around 20 biomagnets, while large ones come with 40 biomagnets. With the additional biomagnets in larger beds, even large dogs are able to experience the benefits of magnetic therapy.

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Memory Foam Dog Beds – Keep Your Pet’s Bed In Shape

While shopping for your dog bed, you may find various types of internal materials being used within the bed. Some of them may provide general coziness and comfort to your dog, while other cheaper material may be too warm or not warm enough for your four-legged friend. What’s more, if you have an old dog or a large dog with a joint problem, it’s even more important for you to select a dog bed that is well suited to his special needs.

This is why memory foam dog beds are made especially for dogs with joint problems. They need the extra comfort and support just like us in order to sleep better. Take an online tour at pet sites such as SitStay, and PetDreams , and you will find a wide variety of choices  for you to choose from.

In general, your memory foam pet bed should be thick enough so as to provide adequate support for your heavy dog. Particularly, the primary attribute of memory foam is the ability for the foam to return to its original shape after the dog has left the bed. Thus, when the dog returns to the bed later on, the bed will once again be the same original shape that it was. This means that you won’t need to keep changing beds once your bed becomes out of shape as this will not happen with memory foam beds.

Most importantly, the polyester cover for the memory foam dog bed is fully removable, therefore allowing you to easily clean and dry your dog bed regularly. This will help to ensure that Fido not only has a good structured bed, but also a clean bed to sleep on at night.

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Organic Dog Beds For Natural Goodness

Mention the words “organic” and “dogs” to any dog owners and they will instantly relate to organic dog food. Health conscious and environment-friendly people of the modern society are going “organic-crazy”. Aside from the famous organic foods that millions adore, organic dog beds are also slowly becoming a favorite item amongst dog owners.

Made of organic cotton and wool, these beds are able to repel moisture to enable the bed surface to remain dry as often as possible. In addition, organic cotton provides the softness and support every dog needs by conforming to a dog’s body. Apart from organic cotton, bed manufacturers also incorporate other materials in the filling to increase comfort levels. For instance, quintessential organic beds contain two chambers, one made of cotton batting and the other with buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat hulls provide orthopedic benefits while the cotton batting provides softness. The integration of these two materials results in the production of a luxurious bed, which provides both comfort and support. Buckwheat hull also has the potential to retain heat in the winter and keep the bed cool during summer.

Other than utilizing organic cotton as the core material, certain bed manufacturers may utilize organic rubber to achieve the same effect. Just like organic cotton, organic rubber shares the same ability to conform to the pet’s unique shape, therefore reducing stress at the joints of the dog.       Organic dog beds are gradually becoming the favorite amongst dog owners due to fact that the materials used to make these beds are pesticide-free. There are cases where certain dogs are allergic to cedar, while others may even suffer from respiratory problems. However, when organic materials are used to make organic beds, this will help to ensure that even the most sensitive dogs will be able to stay away from allergies or any other ailments caused by pesticides.      

When selecting your organic dog bed, be sure that you are buying a genuine organic bed which comes fitted with a 100% organic cotton cover. Organic covers are covers without the use of any synthetic fabrics or chemical dyes. The natural goodness of an organic bed complete with organic filling and organic cover will ensure that your lovely furry pal will be sleeping more comfortably and of course breathe easier too. This is a benefit that only an organic dog bed can provide to your best friend.

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Orthopedic Dog Beds Help Prevent Joint Problems

Arthritis is a common joint problem that many dogs suffer from. If remained untreated, it may lead to complications like hips dysplasia. While many dog owners believe that this problem surfaces on older dogs, but the truth is that arthritis starts even during puppyhood if they are not given proper support during sleep. Wise dogs owners aware of the benefits of an orthopedic dog bed would benefit from getting one for their puppies, and not only when their dogs start suffering from arthritis.

Getting an orthopedic dog bed is not a difficult task as there are a number of beds to choose from these days. Each bed comes with its own special designs to help ease the dog’s pain and discomfort and at the same time provide the dogs with the support they need. Some orthopedic beds for offer “egg crate” bases, which massages the dogs at their stress points and reduce pressure at the dogs’ joints as they sleep therefore help ease the pain and discomfort they suffer from.

What makes a good orthopedic bed is the filling of the bed. Most orthopedic pet beds are filled with foam, which has the ability to conform to the dog’s body. Foam is higher in density and therefore is able to retain its shape. This helps to ensure that your dog does not sleep on a “sunken” bed. At, you are even able to find dog beds that are fitted with a double layer of orthopedic foams, providing extra support to even the larger dogs.      

Innovative bed makers have also invented thermo orthopedic beds to keep the bed surface warm at all times. The heat generated may also help reduce dogs’ pain and discomfort at their joints if they are suffering from arthritis. Dog owners may want to explore such beds at


Size is not a problem when it comes to getting the right bed to accommodate your dog. On, you will be able to find a number of dog beds in various sizes from 20” x12” to 46”x 28”. If convenience is your main concern, then you would certainly be attracted to the orthopedic dog beds featured on as these beds are embedded in a zipper bag hence allowing you to remove the cover for easy washing. Apart from the double layer of foam, the orthopedic dog beds at also come with a cedar base making then more durable.


Frequent travelers will find the orthopedic crate bed appealing as their dogs can sleep comfortably in the luxury of their own crates. Even dogs with arthritis can afford to travel through far journeys with such beds.

Since prevention is always better than cure, get your dog an orthopedic dog bed to help your dog stay away from arthritis, in addition to the comfort and support your pup deserves. For more shopping options, visit: http://www,, and

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Outdoor Dog Beds For That Outdoor Lovin’ Dog!

Does your dog spend a lot of time outdoors? Does he like the cooler air outside when it’s warm inside? (more…)

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Pamper Your Pooch With A Snuggle Dog Bed

Different dogs like to sleep in different positions, which is why no single dog bed can be ideal for all dog breeds. While some dogs prefer to stretch out and sleep, there are others that would rather burrow into their beds. While some dogs just love to sleep spread eagled on their beds, there are those that want the comfort that snuggling provides them with. If your dog too is the type who loves to simply cuddle up and sleep, then a Snuggle Dog Bed is the perfect choice.

As the name suggests, Snuggle dog beds are made specifically for those dogs that love to dig deep into their beds and sleep in the curled up position. In this position, some dogs find comfort and feel more secure than if they were to sleep stretched out. However, many dog beds do not allow dogs to cuddle up and sleep, simply because the design and styling of the dog bed does not enable snuggling. However, with a Snuggle type bed, you will never face such problems. In fact, the only problem that you’re likely to face is that your pet may refuse to budge from its bed!

Although there are many different types of Snuggle pet beds available to choose from, the main feature of these dog beds is that they have soft walls around the bed which allow your pooch to burrow into the bed. And since your pet will then be surrounded by the bed walls, it will feel extremely safe, secure and comfortable.

Here is our featured Snuggle Dog Bed that has proved to be very popular with dog breeds that like to cuddle.

The Haute Pooch Reversible Dog Bed

This bed is the ultimate in snuggling luxury for most breeds of dogs. It features not just one, two, or three cushions, but four full cushions that are soft and luxurious. So essentially, it is not just a single dog bed, but is actually four different beds combined to make a super duper deluxe dog bed. This Snuggle bed can be reversed so that you can get different looks if you so wish. It also features a tufted seat cushion that can be removed and is fully portable. The raised walls all around the bed add to the comfort factor and provide an ideal place for snuggling.

Other beds that are very popular are Snuggle Donut Bed, Haute Pooch Hooded Bed, and Big Shrimpy Nest Bed. Irrespective of which Snuggle dog bed you choose, your dog is sure to feel like one pampered pooch!

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Quality Dog Beds For A Quality Dog

Since your dog has always been there for you as your faithful companion and best friend, he deserves to be rewarded with a bed of superior quality and excellent comfort. Thus, when it comes to quality dog beds, (more…)

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Retailers Of Dog Beds


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Senior Dog Beds For Your Prized Pooch

Age is among the issues that even dogs have to face. However, unlike humans, they may simply shrug their shoulders on the idea and just let the years pass on them. As such, dog owners should take note of the changes that occur on their dogs once they reach the old age. And among the conflicts that should be solved when the right time comes is the proper bed wherein the dog can just settle and have a nice sleep or a relaxing time.

It is safe to say that with old age comes problems like difficulty in sleeping. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing your old dog having a hard time sleeping during cold weather because of its aching limbs and joints. Or maybe, there were times when you notice your dog irritated by the hot summer weather.

Senior dogs should have a bed that will address their sleeping problems. Senior dog beds, like orthopedic, cooler, or heated beds, are the perfect beds. But what features should you look for on these bed types? Ideally, these are some of the most salient points that a senior dog bed should have:

1. It should provide maximum comfort. Remember that senior dogs tend to suffer from joint pains and injuries more often than the younger ones. Hence, they need to have a bed that will support their body and invite a relaxing environment. In this regard, look for beds that have a special foam that can ably provide added cushion ideal for dogs suffering from body and joint pains.

To give you an idea, orthopedic and heated dog beds generally have firm foams that distribute your dog’s body pressure unlike bed fillings made of cedar chips. Depending on your location and the type of weather on your are, there is a bed that will meet your pet’s comfort requirements.

2. It should be moisture-resistant. Dogs, whether old or not, don’t prefer sleeping on wet or cold surfaces. You should, thus, look for the bed that is waterproof and moisture-resistant as it can protect your dog from getting sick or restless. Check out also if the materials are of high quality – from the foam, to the bed frame, down to the cover, threads, and zippers. This will guarantee that your dog will enjoy its bed’s comfort for a long time.

3. It should be make the cleaning easy for you. Look for beds that have removable or machine washable covers. This will provide for easy cleaning especially when the covers or bed sheets get spoiled. Remember that a regularly-washed bed will promote your dog’s health and will last longer than those that are washed only occasionally.

4. It should offer protection and conserve your dog’s body heat. Your dog should be secured on his bed and not develop diseases or complications with old age on his own bed due to the inappropriate temperature that it promotes. Thus, examine the bed thoroughly. An ideal dog bed’s padding that supports your senior dog’s physical needs. Make sure that the bed is slightly elevated as this type of bed generally conserves heat and serve as protection to your old dog from getting its feet onto floor drafts.

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Sweet Smelling Cedar Dog Beds

Even if you take extra care of your dog, brush its fur regularly, give it a bath as needed, and use top-of-the-line dog care products; your dog can still end up with a peculiar smell. This does not indicate that you don’t care for your pet properly, but has more to do with the dog’s drool and natural body odor. But regardless of why the smell is present, you can get rid of it by purchasing a cedar dog bed for your pet.

Cedar pet beds are beds that are filled with real cedar filling. There are different types of cedar beds depending on what type of cedar filling is contained in them. In this regard, you have cedar shaving filled beds, cedar chips filled beds, and beds that have cedar coils in them.

Beds that have cedar chips or shavings can also contain some shredded foam as well. This type of combination filling makes the beds real soft and fluffy. Cedar beds for dogs that contain cedar coils offer very good support and also adjust to the contours of your pet’s body. These beds are very long lasting as they can be fluffed regularly.

Cedar Dog Bed Benefits

  • Since real cedar has a natural sweet smell, the dog bed also has a very nice smell to it. Thus, when your pet sits on such a bed, the smell gets transferred on to your pet which helps it to remain sweet smelling too.
  • Cedar is a natural repellant for bugs, ticks, and fleas, again because of it characteristic smell. A cedar bed thus does not attract any fleas or pests, which can be a major problem with regular dog beds. And if the bed has fleas, your dog certainly will; and how big a problem that is you definitely don’t need to be reminded. Thus, to prevent your dog and its bed from being riddled with fleas or ticks, consider getting a cedar-type dog bed.

When buying any kind of cedar dog bed, ensure that it is the type that can easily be refilled with new cedar. As the cedar gets older, it may lose its fluffiness and also its smell. This means that the bed will not be as comfortable as it once was, nor will it be able to repel fleas efficiently. By simply refilling the bed with new cedar filling, you can restore its usefulness and will not have to buy a new dog bed. Thus, it is best to buy ones that can be refilled again and again.

The Pet Gear Large Nature’s Foundation Deluxe Pet Bed is the best cedar dog bed that money can buy.

This bed is available at Pet Care Central

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The Amazing Comfort Of Dog Water Beds

Conventional water beds that are used by humans have been shown to give added comfort to people who sleep on them and have proved to be beneficial to those who suffer from back aches and have sleeping problems.

If you want to provide the same kind of comfort and added support to your pet, you can do that in the form of dog water beds.



Dog Water Bed Types

  1. dog-water-bed-1605800, 1626170066Cooler pads: Unlike regular ones which are filled with foam and are like a thick mattress, these beds are more like thick pads. The pad/bed needs to be filled with water so as to provide a comfortable and extremely cool surface for your pet to sleep on. They are usually thermo-regulating, which means that they can absorb the body heat of your dog and help it to cool down. As dogs do not sweat like humans do, it is very difficult for them to cool down. This is why such dog water beds can be very useful. However, make sure such beds are filled properly so that they provide adequate support and comfort.
  2. Hydro mattresses: This type features a thick mattress that is filled with water, which is then enclosed inside a thick vinyl cover that helps to keep the mattress protected. The cover may or may not include a foam support. If it does include a foam support, the bed is typically placed inside a foam frame. However, dog water beds which do not include foam supports typically do not require any frame. 

All dog water beds are made with materials that are very strong and durable and which will not get punctured easily. So, even if your pet has sharp claws, the water bed will not be likely to get damaged. However, it is best not to buy a waterbed for a pup that is under a year old. As such small dogs have a tendency to chew; you should buy the dog water-bed only once your pet has outgrown its chewing habit.

In addition to providing amazing comfort and keeping your pooch cool, dog water beds can be used for many years as they do not develop sagging spots since there is no foam which can sag. Thus, they are an ideal choice if you want to give your dog a unique bed.

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The Different Types of Chew Proof Dog Beds

For most pet owners, especially those who have dogs; it would practically be sacrilegious to let their pets spend their nights on the floor. And not just nights, but since dogs spend a better part of the day lounging around as well, they need to have something much more comfortable (more…)

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The Different Types Of Fancy Dog Beds

The pet products industry is growing by leaps and bounds, all due to the fact that dogs are being regarded as family members by most of their owners who don’t mind spending some money to ensure their safety and happiness. In recent years, organic dog feed, designer dog apparel, and healthy doggie treats have become all the rage with pet owners. It is no wonder then that fancy dog beds are now making an appearance on the scene.

The term fancy dog beds includes everything from luxury beds, to designer beds, to deluxe beds, to beds-on-the-go, to crate beds and everything in between! In fact, dog bed manufacturers are continuously outdoing each other in a quest to make the fanciest beds for dogs. Dog lovers like you and me are the ultimate winners.

Fancy Dog Bed Types

  • The Sleep EZZZZZ Bed: This is a two-in-one bed. One side of this bed is made with cotton which ensures that the bed remains cool, thus providing immense relief in hot weather. The other side of the bed is made from Sherpa wool, which keeps it warm and gives heat during the cold months. This bed can be machine washed and used with dog crates and dog houses as well.
  • The Car-Go Bed: This is the ultimate portable fancy dog bed available today. It rolls up much like a sleeping bag and can thus be carried along comfortably. So, if you enjoy taking your dog on trips with you, you can simply roll out its bed in the back of the van and ensure a smooth ride for your pet.

Both of these dog beds are available at Pet Dreams.

Fancy dog beds are also available in elegant shapes and options. If your pet is not too happy with its rug on the floor, you can pamper it with a chaise lounge bed fit for royalty. Or, you could choose a large sofa bed which makes for an amazing night of rest and also doubles up as an attractive perch during the day. If you love your armchair and want the same kind of pleasure for your pet, the fancy armchair bed for dogs is the perfect choice.

Thus, whatever your preferences and tastes (and that of your dog of course!), you can get a dog bed to match them. 

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The Exquisite Beauty Of Toile Dog Beds

There is no doubt that a dog bed needs to be comfortable for your pet and also provide it adequate support so that your dog can rest and sleep comfortably. However, there is something to be said about the looks of the dog bed as well. After all, no one is going to appreciate a hideous pet bed in their home, even if it is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. But the good news is that these are now becoming very attractive to look at, in addition to being good for your pet of course! A great example is the toile dog bed.

Toile dog beds refer to those beds that are made with the toile fabric. What’s so special about these, you say? Well, for one; toile fabrics are typically sourced from France as there is nothing prettier than French Toile. Imagine yourself amongst the breathtaking French countryside; this is the exact same feeling that you will get when you look at the toile fabrics. This alone makes toile pet beds very special; and add to that the fact that the fabric is super comfy for your pet and is also very easy to clean and maintain, and all this makes for a great dog bed indeed.

Featured Style: Donut Style Toile Dog Beds

toile-dog-bed-9666003, 1626170069These toile fabric dog beds are made in a special two-piece design. This consists of an outer ring that helps to make your pet feel secure, and the soft cushion that adds to its comfort. The cushion at the bottom can be removed if you so wish and also used as a separate cushion or mat. This makes it very useful while traveling as you can simply remove the cushion and take it along with you and need not take the entire dog bed. Since it is of the removable variety, it is extremely easy to clean. This bed can be washed in the machine and dried using a dryer.

The filling in this toile bed is called high-memory fiber fill. It does not bunch up or scatter and thus keeps the dog bed soft and comfortable. And best of all; this bed is covered with beautiful French Toile fabric, which makes it a treat for the eyes as well.

The donut style toile dog bed is available in a host of colors such as red, black, green, blue, peach etc. Thus, you can choose a color that matches the rest of your home décor perfectly. The best prices that we have come across for this dog bed made with toile fabric are on

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Treat Your Pet To A Companion Road Dog Bed

Most people want to buy their pets the very best dog beds that they can find. However, much too often the prices of deluxe and luxury dog beds deters people from buying them. Although there can be no doubt about the super luxury and extraordinary comfort of designer dog beds, there is also no denying that they can be exorbitantly priced. But what if you could get similar comforts at a reduced price? What if we told you that you need not pay through your nose for super quality dog beds? Well, with Companion Road Dog Beds, you can have just that.

Companion Road makes many products for dogs such as clothes, hats, collars, chew bones etc, but their most popular products are their dog beds. Different types of dog beds available from Companion Road include crate mats, bolster dog beds, donut dog beds, dog mats, cushion beds, and two piece dog beds.

All Companion Road pet beds are made from beautiful fabrics with a variety of prints, designs, and colors. So whether your pooch loves to sleep on a pink bed, or the color red catches its fancy; you are sure to get the perfect dog bed by choosing one from Companion Road. Different prints include pretty butterfly prints, flowery designs, cool summer prints, and novelty tweed prints as well.

Here is our featured dog bed:

Companion Road Butterfly Floral Print Dog Bed

The excellent combination of leaves, butterflies, flowers, and ladybirds makes the unique design on this bed definitely something to covet. In addition to the colorful and vibrant print, there is also a butterfly motif created from sequins that adorns the front side of the bed. Your playful mutt is sure to get a lot of pleasure chasing after this butterfly!

The bed looks like it is made from leather which enhances its looks considerably. But since it is not actually made from leather, the cost is kept at economical levels. The bed features a detachable soft pad that can be used as a stand alone cushion or when you are traveling with your pet. The cover on the pad fastens with a zipper and can be removed easily. The cover is also entirely machine washable, thus keeping the bed clean and tidy.

The base of this Companion Road dog bed is made from 100% poly vinyl chloride, which means it is waterproof and strong. The filling inside the bed is 100% cotton, thus adding to the comfort factor. This bed is available for the low price of about $35 from

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Treat Your Pet To The Best With A Leather Dog Bed

Leather dog beds are definitely the cream of the crop in terms of style and durability. Simple yet elegant, a leather dog bed helps to complement your home furniture, while offering luxurious comfort to your four-legged friend. In fact, the growing popularity of leather beds for dogs has motivated many bed makers to introduce more chic and modern designs.

Leather pet beds such as the Orvis fine Italian leather bed are fitted with durable acrylic fabric bottom and hypoallergenic polyfil lining for odor prevention. With supreme polyfil within and fine crafted genuine leather externally, it is of no surprise that this bed is the ultimate piece of heaven for your dog. Indeed, if you check it out at, you are bound to fall in love with its gorgeous design.      

If you seriously love the design of a leather bed, but believe that your dog may not like it is much, you could opt for sherpa-covered foam sleeping surfaces instead. This way, your dog will love you for the comfort he gets and you will love yourself even more for enhancing the unique decoration of your home.

An alternative to leather dog beds would be those made of faux leather. Other than being relatively cheaper than genuine leather beds, they look just as good as the genuine leather ones. Bowser’s faux leather Armadillo Bolstered Square bed found at or, includes stuffed bolstered sides to give your dog that extra comfort he deserves. Filled with 100 % polyester fiber, this bed definitely provides the right surface for your dog to roll, curl, sleep or stretch anyway he wants to. Also, the cover of the inside cushion are zippered for easy removal and washing.      

There some dog owners who may just love buckskin leather dog beds. This type of leather, the skin of a male deer, is very much favored as it is much softer as compared to other types of leather. If you love buckskin leather beds then they are worth checking out at or


Finally, leather beds are ultimately tough beds made for tough dogs. With these beds chew-proof and tear resistant, there is no worry about buying a new bed again, no matter how your dog misbehaves. Many dog owners simply love the durability of a leather bed, as they know that a little investment in a leather bed can go a long way.

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Unique Dog Beds For Your Special Friend

They say a dog is man’s best friend and isn’t that true! Only dog owners truly know how great a companion their pet can be. Most people who have dogs would love to treat them to something special every now and then. And what better way to do that than get your pet a unique dog bed?

While shopping for a dog bed, it is quite easy to get tired of seeing the same old round dog beds, bolster dog beds, and cushion beds for your pet. Although such dog beds can be very comfortable and provide excellent support to your dog, these can be seen in practically every home that has pets and are nothing special. On the other hand, there are some truly unique dogs beds that will make your dog feel like a real prince. Here’s a look at some unique beds.

1) Tent Beds: Not only do tent pet beds provide a cozy and comfortable place for your dog to rest and sleep in, but they also provide protection as they are covered from the top. With such dog beds, you need not spend money on buying a separate dog house or a dog crate; the tent bed doubles as both. These unique pet beds are typically made from tapestry materials and feature rich plumes at the top of the tent that will make your pooch feel like royalty. has some of the best tent beds we have come across.

2) Bunk Beds: If you have ever slept in a bunk bed, then you know the pleasures of one. Now the same joy can be extended to your pet with dog bunk beds. These beds are great for homes that have more than one dog. In fact, cats too love such beds, which is why they can be used in homes that have both cats and dogs. Check out for some awesome doggie bunk beds.

3) Antique Scroll Dog Bed: This is a day bed for small dogs and is the best that a day bed can get. This unique pet bed features an antique scroll cut design on the bed that imparts it an extraordinary look. Any regular sized pillow or cushion can be used with this bed, so you have the choice of changing your linens and sheets as often as you like! Once your pet takes to this bed, it will never bother you on yours! Available at

The internet has many sites that offer you unique dog beds. The sites we have mentioned are a great place to start.

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What’s In Store with PVC Dog Beds

Are you one of those people who think PVCs are only used for plumbing? Well, this article will make you realize that these plastic tubings are more than just materials used for sinks, houses, or buildings.

You’re naivety is understandable because this type of bed is commonly overshadowed by the more fancy makes and models in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore its merits. PVCs can actually be fashioned into a good old bed for dogs. This type of bed has cool features that you may want to see first in order to believe it. For this reason, here are some of the things why you should consider PVC dog beds to be nothing short of wonders:

1. PVC dog beds are closer to the ground. This feature is a big help for dogs, especially the senior ones, as they can easily get in and out of it. This is also helpful on your part if you own big, heavy dogs like Dobermans, Siberian Huskies, Boxers, Great Danes, Malamutes, and German Sheperds. With this, you don’t need to manually carry your pooch to its bed, which can sometimes be quite an ordeal. Since PVC beds are elevated, your dog no longer have to suffer from sleeping on those cold, hard surfaces. Not only does it help your pet avoid getting sick, you also don’t need to worry about your dog having a broken sleep.

2. They are chew-proof. Since most dogs love to chew and bite things off, PVC beds have sturdy materials that can withstand any amount of chewing and biting. In which case, you don’t have to worry about torn foams anymore.

3. They are great for dogs that suffer from joint and hip problems. PVC beds provide firm, orthopedic support that are greatly helpful for dogs with aching limbs and joints. This means that your pooch will no longer have any discomfort in sleeping.

4. They can be cleaned easily. You can clean this bed by soaking it in water and putting a small amount of detergent. You should rinse it well and allow it to dry before your dog may use it again. With heavy soiling, it can also be brushed with more soap.

5. They are lightweight, portable, and non-corrosive. You can bring this thing anywhere you go – in the park, the beach, or just wherever you and your dog would wish to be. Considering that it’s a lightweight, you can simply bring it without straining your muscle. The material is also non-corrosive, so you won’t have to worry about the bed developing any form of rust. Needless to say, this versatile bed is a real indoor and outdoor wonder.

6. They come in exciting colors. PVC beds come in many colors. Thus, you’ll have less trouble picking the best for your dog. There are also other variations to think about such as the combo, which features two different colors. This creates a more stylish appearance than a monotonous look.

The next time you’re in a hunt for the bed of your prized pooch, try this one out and discover its many-faceted wonders.

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Which Dog Bed Frame Is Right For Your Pet?

Many dog owners choose to buy a simple dog mat, oversized cushion, or a dog mattress and use that as a dog bed. But most dogs do not take to such dog beds as they still prefer to curl up on yours! The only thing that will get your loving pet off your bed is a bed of its own, and that can easily be achieved by buying a quality dog bed frame. And the good news is that the dog mat, cushion, or mattress that you are currently using can conveniently be placed on the dog bed frame and voila! your dog has its own special bed.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a dog bed frame:

1. Size of the dog mattress: If you already have a mattress or a dog mat that your dog loves, you need to measure it and then choose a  frame that will accommodate the mattress perfectly. The mattress should fit in the frame without getting squeezed around the sides. Once the mattress is in place, there should be no space left on the bed base. If that happens, you need to look for a bigger dog bed frame.

2. Weight of your dog: The dog bed frame that you choose should be strong enough to support the weight of your pet. While most bed frames will easily take the weight of small dogs, it is the larger breeds of dogs that should be weighed before buying a dog bed frame for them.

3. Raised or floor design: You can either choose a frame that rests on the ground or one that is raised off the ground. For older dogs it is better to choose a frame that rests on the floor so that they do not have difficulty getting in and out of their bed. Raised frame designs are ideal if you live in a cold climate so that your pet is kept off the cold floor. It is also good for those dogs that suffer from ticks or fleas as sleeping off the ground will help to break the flea cycle.

Pet bed frames come is many different materials such as aluminum, wrought iron, PVC, wood and wicker. Depending on the strength, durability, weight bearing capacity, and ease of cleaning that you desire, you can choose a dog bed frame accordingly. And if you really want to spoil your little darling, you can also choose a pet bed frame with a canopy! 

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Wicker Dog Beds For Comfort In Enduring Style

The wicker basket is probably one of the more conventional and common dog beds in use in the market. Made of similar material utilized for the production of baskets, they are also known as wicker dog baskets, and come in various shapes and sizes to suit all dog breeds.

Usually, a wicker dog bed is made from natural willow, and comes in a color that would fit well into a home, regardless of décor. This makes them highly portable and lightweight, and most importantly they are very affordable too costing at between $30 and $50 each. With designs of different shapes and sizes, you will be spoilt for choice. Other than the typical oval shaped wicker dog basket, you can also opt for a square wicker bed, or even those which are shaped like a crate and can used as a pet carrier.

Luxury wicker dog beds usually come with thick plaited edges in order to strengthen the entire basket for added durability. What’s more, with one section of the side wall lowered, this makes it easy for your dog to enter his wicker dog bed. Also, it’s important that your dog bed is lined with a cushion to provide adequate warmth and comfort to your 4-legged friend.

Choosing The Right Wicker Dog Bed

One of the most important things to consider when seeking for the right wicker dog bed is the quality of the product that you are looking at. As these products come with varying multiple levels, it’s best that you inspect the material of your wicker dog bed from multiple vendors before making a choice. Ideally, wicker dog beds should be well woven to avoid breakage over long term use.

If you prefer shopping for your wicker dog bed online, it is a good idea to visit reputable websites such as that offer quality products to their customers. Their huge selections and reasonable prices should facilitate you in making the right choice of a wicker dog bed.

Finally, one another important aspect which is often overlooked is the size of wicker pet bed to pick. In order to allow your dog enough room to make a turn, your dog bed should be ideally one size larger than the size of your dog. If you are raising a puppy, it may be a good idea to get a wicker bed that will fit his adult size when he grows up. Otherwise, you’d have to buy another bed for him when he reaches his full size!

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Wooden Dog Beds For An Authentic Look And Woodsy Smell

A wooden dog bed will certainly make every dog feel like a queen or king. Some dog owners are simply obsessed with wooden dog beds as these make great furniture to jazz up the house decor.

The mere mention of wooden dog beds projects an impression of hard surfaces, and inadequate comfort to your dog. However, new wooden beds like those produced by Kuranda (you can find them listed in will certainly change these misconceptions. In reality, beds of solid wood promise a lot of comfort and durability. Apart from the attractive wood finishing, many dog beds also offer chew-proof wood so dog owners do not have to worry too much about the beds. In comparison with other type of beds, wooden beds are relatively higher and this feature allows the dog to be at the flee-free zone.

Choosing A Wood Dog Bed

Another misconception many dog owners have is the price of a wooden dog bed. Do not be deceived by its elegance, a wooden bed does not necessary has to be expensive. At the site, you will find wooden beds on sale. These wooden beds come with attractive wood finishing bed frames and detachable soft and cozy cushions.

The right selection of the type of wood which makes the bed is utmost important. Solid wood and pinewood make strong beds, which will be able to support your dog as it grows. A good wooden bed should be steady and stable so it will be stationary even when the furry pal hops on to his or her bed. Besides the right type of wood, an ideal wooden bed should also have non-skid rubber feet for security purposes.

Another brand of wooden dog beds would be the Bamboo Tropical Island Bed that comes with a bottom drawer. Once placed in a corner, your dog will love this bed as you can even store its favorite toys below! Additionally, the dark brown wooden color and the bamboo material used to produce it gives a tropical feel to this wooden dog bed.

Yet another option would be the Doxie dog beds that come either in Cherry or Oak color. They can be used for dogs up to 30lbs in weight, in addition to being made of solid oak. However, the downside is that cushions are not included, which means that owners will need to hunt for a cushions that will fit this size.

Assembling the dog bed is never a problem as all wooden dog beds can be assembled in a few easy steps. If you are looking for a lasting, sophisticated, elegant dog bed then a wooden dog bed is definitely the right choice.

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Wrought Iron Dog Beds Offer Strength and comfort

It is certainly untrue to believe that good things do not last. Wrought iron dog beds are great looking beds, which will definitely stay in good shape for a long time. Mention the word ‘wrought iron” and many dog owners may instantly relate it to a big bed frame made of thick strong rods and bed heads which resemble prison bars. However, this impression would instantly be wiped off their minds once they lay their eyes on the gorgeous iron dog beds.

Check out websites like,, and , and you will be able to choose from a number of dog beds made of wrought iron. Quintessential’s wrought iron bed will make a dainty piece of furniture, which will sit prettily in your house. Made of timeless iron, the design of this bed is inspired by the renaissance era and has very fine handcraftsmanship. This makes it worth every cent you are paying for. Lay a mattress of your choice on this durable and luxurious bed frame. If you think your dog will enjoy sleeping on a soft surface then opt for the pillow top mattress, however if you think your dog needs a little bit more support on his back while he sleeps then it would be wiser to take the coil spring mattress.

Melia also offers a number of wrought iron beds from Victorian inspired designs to chic modern designs. The steel construction of these beds had been carefully welded and on top of that, the beds have powder coat finishing preventing oxidation. Now, dog owners would not have to worry if the beds will ever turn rusty. For added stability, all Melia wrought iron beds come with solid wood base to support the mattress.

Wrought iron beds are tough beds made for tough dogs. If you are constantly worry that your dog will chew on his wooden bed or tear his pillow bed then it is really the right time to get your dog an iron bed.

If wrought pet iron beds are not your preference then you may want to check out some of the forged iron dog beds instead, which are equally beautiful. Windsor canopy beds are great examples, as they are designed to make you pet pooch feel like they have been transported to a fairyland. Also, Windsor forged iron beds come with lovely canopies made of soft fabrics like satin and chiffon. If you think you want to pamper your furry pal with some royal treatment then this would be the ultimate bed.

Bear in mind that your dogs should not be sacrificing his comfort for style when it comes to the perfect iron bed. Your dogs deserve the best from you.

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