A pewter dog bed is a great way to pamper your pet and at the same time, add a pleasing element to your home interiors. Very often, even high end dog beds may end up looking like an eyesore amidst your home décor. They may be extremely comfy for your pet, but terrible to look at. Well, if that’s a genuine concern you are facing, then a pewter dog bed is the perfect solution for you. Now bear in mind that this not made of pewter, the metal (frankly, we think this pet bed is somewhat oddly named).

A very stylish pewter dog bed that we have come across is the Jax and Bones Pewter pop dog bed. The Jax and Bones pewter dog bed is a classy pillow and is available in different shapes such as round, square, or rectangle. It is a 100% washable dog bed, which means you can maintain the hygiene of your pet’s bed as well as your home. Absolutely the best fabrics are used to make this dog bed, which not only make the bed very comfortable for your pet, but the pewter finish also provides a beautiful accent for your house.


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