Most people want to buy their pets the very best dog beds that they can find. However, much too often the prices of deluxe and luxury dog beds deters people from buying them. Although there can be no doubt about the super luxury and extraordinary comfort of designer dog beds, there is also no denying that they can be exorbitantly priced. But what if you could get similar comforts at a reduced price? What if we told you that you need not pay through your nose for super quality dog beds? Well, with Companion Road Dog Beds, you can have just that.

Companion Road makes many products for dogs such as clothes, hats, collars, chew bones etc, but their most popular products are their dog beds. Different types of dog beds available from Companion Road include crate mats, bolster dog beds, donut dog beds, dog mats, cushion beds, and two piece dog beds.

All Companion Road pet beds are made from beautiful fabrics with a variety of prints, designs, and colors. So whether your pooch loves to sleep on a pink bed, or the color red catches its fancy; you are sure to get the perfect dog bed by choosing one from Companion Road. Different prints include pretty butterfly prints, flowery designs, cool summer prints, and novelty tweed prints as well.

Here is our featured dog bed:

Companion Road Butterfly Floral Print Dog Bed

The excellent combination of leaves, butterflies, flowers, and ladybirds makes the unique design on this bed definitely something to covet. In addition to the colorful and vibrant print, there is also a butterfly motif created from sequins that adorns the front side of the bed. Your playful mutt is sure to get a lot of pleasure chasing after this butterfly!

The bed looks like it is made from leather which enhances its looks considerably. But since it is not actually made from leather, the cost is kept at economical levels. The bed features a detachable soft pad that can be used as a stand alone cushion or when you are traveling with your pet. The cover on the pad fastens with a zipper and can be removed easily. The cover is also entirely machine washable, thus keeping the bed clean and tidy.

The base of this Companion Road dog bed is made from 100% poly vinyl chloride, which means it is waterproof and strong. The filling inside the bed is 100% cotton, thus adding to the comfort factor. This bed is available for the low price of about $35 from

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