The Exquisite Beauty Of Toile Dog Beds

Toile Dog Beds

Toile Dog Beds are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. There is no doubt that a dog bed needs to be comfortable for your pet and provide adequate support so that your dog can rest and sleep comfortably. However, something must be said about the looks of the dog bed. After all, no one will appreciate a hideous pet bed in their home, even if it is the ultimate comfort and luxury. These are now becoming very attractive to look at, in addition to being suitable for your pet.

Toile Dog Beds

A great example is the toile dog bed. Toile dog beds refer to those beds that are made with toile fabric. What’s so special about these, you say? Well, for one, toile fabrics are typically sourced from France as there is nothing prettier than French Toile. Imagine yourself amongst the breathtaking French countryside; this is the same feeling you will get when you look at the toile fabrics. It alone makes toile pet beds very special, and add to that the fact that the material is super comfy for your pet and is also very easy to clean and maintain, and all this makes for a great dog bed indeed.

Featured Style: Donut Style Toile Dog Beds

These toile fabric dog beds are made in a unique two-piece design. It consists of an outer ring that helps to make your pet feel secure and a soft cushion that adds to its comfort. The bottom cush can be removed and used as a separate cushion or mat. It makes it very useful while traveling as you can remove the pillow and take it along with you and need not take the entire dog bed. Since it is of the removable variety, it is straightforward to clean. You can machine wash and dry using a dryer.

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The filling in this toile bed is called high-memory fiber fill. It does not bunch up or scatter, thus keeping the dog bed soft and comfortable. And best of all, this bed is covered with beautiful French Toile fabric, making it a treat for the eyes.

The donut-style toile dog bed is available in various colors such as red, black, green, blue, peach, etc. Thus, you can choose a color that perfectly matches the rest of your home décor. We have found the best prices for this dog bed made with toile fabric.



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