There are some dogs that like to sleep flat on their backs, whereas some like to be sprawled on all their fours, while some others like to curl up and sleep. Well, if your pet is the type that likes to curl up while sleeping, then the Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed is the perfect bed for your pet.

Big Shrimpy, the manufacturers of this particular dog bed claim that the bed is built in such a way that it will last you practically forever. And this claim is not an empty one but is also backed by their 3 year limited warranty for the pet bed. Most beds have removable and washable covers but this dog bed can be washed completely. Yes, each and every part of this bed can be washed, right from the covers, to the lining, to the bolsters, as well as the bed filling. So, if your Big Shrimpy Nest dog bed starts to look too dirty, you can simply wash it and make it look like new!


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