For most pet owners, especially those who have dogs; it would practically be sacrilegious to let their pets spend their nights on the floor. And not just nights, but since dogs spend a better part of the day lounging around as well, they need to have something much more comfortable than a cold floor to lie down on. Thus, dog beds are the perfect solution for such pet owners. You may think that a dog bed is not for your pet as it chews everything in sight and would tatter the bedding instantly. But with chew proof dog beds, even the toughest chewie will not be able to damage the bed.

Chewproof dog beds are the ideal choice for pet owners whose dogs chew a lot. If you’re tired of having to replace the bedding on your pets bed every now and then because you find it all over the house, then your next purchase should definitely be a chew proof dog bed.

Chewproof Pet Bed Types

  1. Steel chew proof beds: The bed frame in such beds is made from steel. This ensures that the bed can be used even by the heaviest of breeds and would comfortably bear their weight. These beds are quite heavy and are extremely durable.
  2. Aluminum chewproof dog beds: Aluminum frame beds are ideal for mid sized breeds of dogs. They are cheaper than steel beds but are equally strong and durable. However, they cannot bear as much weight as steel beds but as mentioned earlier, are perfect for mid sized dogs.
  3. Poly resin chew proof pet beds: If you wish to move the bed from place to place, sometimes indoors and sometimes outdoors; then the poly resin chewproof beds are best. These are very light in weight, but offer the same strength and durability of other dog beds.

Most of the chew-proof dog beds on the markets are the off-the-floor type. This means that they do not rest on the floor but are raised. The fabric of the bedding is typically tucked inside the frame so that the dogs cannot chew it. Nylon, vinyl, and canvas are the different fabrics used for such dog beds.

When it comes to chew proof dog cots, the Kuranda beds are among the very best. All the different types and models of these chewproof beds, as well as other dog cots, are available at a great price on

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