The Juicy Couture dog bed is the ultimate in glamorous and stylish dog beds for your favorite pets. If you’ve got a picky pet who won’t just sleep on any old pillow bed or who refuses to curl up on any old rug, then the Juicy Couture dog bed seems to be the perfect choice for your discerning pet!

I knew that the Juicy Couture brand was famous for its clothes, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products for men, women, and kids alike; but imagine my surprise when I learnt that they have a fabulous dog bed for your furry friend too! Their tufted dog bed features black piping and gunmetal studs, as well as a comfy pillow made from faux fur. It also has place for a signature crest on the front of the dog bed. The Juicy Couture dog bed is thus undoubtedly a very unique place for your pet to curl up in!

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