Simmons mattresses are extremely popular the world over as they are quality mattresses that are conducive to restful sleep. Now the same benefits of the Simmons technology can be enjoyed by your pet through Simmons dog beds.

Although they are called Simmons dog beds, the name is somewhat of a misnomer as Simmons makes only the pet mattresses and not the entire bed. However, the mattresses are of standard sizes and can fit most brands of dog bed frames. In fact, the Simmons dog mattresses are designed in such a manner that you can simply use the mattress without placing it in any kind of bed frame.

Here’s a look at the features and benefits of our featured Simmons Dog Bed:

The Simmons Beautyrest Orthopedic Pet Bed

This dog bed is a full 6 inches thick and thus provides the highest level of support and comfort to your dog. There are three layers of filling in the mattress, namely fleece, memory foam, and fabric. The fleece helps to keep your dog warm, while the memory foam adjusts to the contours of your pet’s body and provides the perfect resting spot. The fabric layer ensures comfort and added softness.

This is not just an ordinary bed but is the best Simmons orthopedic dog bed that you can find on the market. When dogs get older they need more support from their beds and are not well rested on a very soft bed. For such dogs, the orthopedic bed is the ideal choice as it gives them the support that they need for their old and arthritic joints. In fact, if your dog has recently had any illness, or is recuperating from some surgery, then this Simmons dog bed is a must buy!

Most orthopedic dog beds are quite costly. But, the Simmons orthopedic pet bed can be yours for less than $40. Thus, in addition to being a great dog bed that is sure to please your pet, the low cost of the dog bed comes as good news for dog owners too.

The bed comes with a removable bed cover that can easily be washed in the machine. You can also buy separate dog bed covers to fit your dog’s Simmons bed if you want it to fit in with your home décor.

Thus, if an orthopedic dog bed is what you are looking for, then you need not look further than a Simmons dog bed.

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