Senior Dog Beds For Your Prized Pooch

Senior Dog Beds are specially designed for aged ones. Age is among the issues that even dogs have to face. However, unlike humans, they may shrug their shoulders at the idea and just let the years pass on them. As such, dog owners should note the changes in their dogs once they reach old age. And among the conflicts that should be solved when the right time comes is the proper bed wherein the dog can settle and have a nice sleep or a relaxing time. It is safe to say that with old age comes problems like difficulty sleeping. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than seeing your old dog having difficulty sleeping during cold weather because of its aching limbs and joints. Or maybe, there were times when you noticed your dog was irritated by the hot summer weather.

Senior dog beds need to address their sleeping problems. Of course, old dog beds, like orthopedic, more relaxed, or heated beds, are perfect. But what features should you look for in these bed types? Ideally, these are some of the most salient points that an old dog bed should have:

  1. It should provide maximum comfort. Remember that older dogs often suffer more joint pains and injuries than younger ones. Hence, they need a bed that supports their body and invites a relaxing environment. In this regard, look for mattresses with a special foam that can provide added cushion ideal for dogs suffering from body and joint pains.

To give you an idea, orthopedic and heated dog beds generally have firm foams that distribute your dog’s body pressure, unlike bed fillings made of cedar chips. Depending on the weather in your area, there is a bed that will meet your pet’s comfort requirements.

  1. It should be moisture-resistant. Whether old or not, dogs don’t prefer sleeping on wet or cold surfaces. A waterproof and moisture-resistant bed as it can protect your dog from getting sick or restless. Also, check if the materials are high quality – from the foam to the bed frame, down to the cover, threads, and zippers. It guarantees your dog will enjoy its bed’s comfort for a long time.
  2. It should make cleaning easy for you. Look for beds that have removable or machine-washable covers. It will provide easy cleaning, especially when the blankets or bed sheets get spoiled. Remember that a regularly-washed bed will promote your dog’s health and last longer than those washed only occasionally.
  3. It should offer protection and conserve your dog’s body heat. Your dog is safe in bed and does not develop diseases or complications with old age due to the inappropriate temperature that it promotes. Thus, examine the bed thoroughly. An ideal dog bed’s padding that supports your senior dog’s physical needs. Ensure the mattress is slightly elevated, as this bed conserves heat and protects your old dog from getting its feet onto floor drafts.


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