As among the many dog beds that offer luxury and comfort in today’s market, Snoozzy dog beds definitely belong to the top echelon – for some irresistibly good reasons.

Snoozzy dog beds effectively weave versatility, comfort, luxury, security, and economy all in one package. Take a look at these cool features, and you’ll easily be convinced to buy one of these fine dog beds at the soonest time possible:

* Snoozzy dog beds offer multiple uses: These beds come in six different sizes, which means that you can always find a perfect fit for your prized pooch. Generally, the sizes that you can choose from are as follows: extra small (18L x 12W inches), small (23L x 16W inches), medium (29L x 18W inches), large (35L x 22W inches), extra large (41L x 26W inches), and jumbo (47L x 28W inches).

The design of these beds is also made to fit the majority of precision crates such as the suitcase crates and the great crates. You can also use these beds almost anywhere you and your pooch would want to go– in beaches, parks, and backyards. What’s more, the different designs will also satisfy you and your dog’s fancies such as the ring, donut, teacup, saucer, reversible, and many others. It’s like having an army of dog beds, all in a prize of one. Now, ain’t that a great idea?

* Snoozzy beds are made for traveling: Since most Snoozzy dog bed models can simply be rolled, they also make a good traveling companion. You may put them in your carrier, place them at the back of your pick-up truck, or put them at the backseat of your flashy convertible. As you hold on to the steering wheel, just put them anywhere that’s safe and enjoy the scenery.

* They’re very comfortable: With one of these fine beds, imagine the happiness that will be written all over your dog’s face Since the beds are mostly over stuffed, your dog may enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation. Every time your pooch lays its body over one of these beds, it will experience extreme coziness and luxurious indulgence. The designer fabrics used in most models give that profound touch of class and elegance, making your dog a source of envy for your neighbor’s canine pet. Moreover, these beds offer nothing but maximum cushion and support to your prized pet’s limbs and joints. Thus, consider comfort and over-all support in one neat package.

*They are durable and easy to clean: Considering that most models are machine washable, Snoozzy beds assure you of fuss-free washing sessions. Be careful, however, not to dry the bed by machine as doing so can easily cut the bed’s length of service to your dog. Beneath most beds are a nice fusion of polyester and cotton for that non-skid, durable feature.

After seeing these cool features, why don’t you go out and buy one? Start pampering your beloved pooch the way it deserves to be.