Many dog owners take for granted the importance of a dog bed. Dogs are often found sleeping on the couch, on the mat or on their owner’s bed. Little do these dog owners realize that a good night’s sleep is essential for a dog’s physical and emotional needs. In fact, experts say that an adult dog spends 12 hours a day sleeping, which also literally means that they spend half their lives sleeping. Therefore, the place where a dog sleeps is important in order to help it acquire some quality nap time.

These days, shopping for a dog bed can be quite a challenge as dog beds are available in various designs and features. The round dog bed is a good buy for dog owners who are looking for a basic and simple place for their dogs to sleep comfortably. The shape of this bed allows the dog to stretch and provides ample space for a dog to sleep in a position it is most comfortable in.

The round pet bed looks like a very big flat pillow which looks good enough as part of the home furniture when your dog is not there. Dog owners can choose from the many different materials like micro velvet to faux suede. Adventurous dog owners who are seeking for something different can opt for covers with cute paw prints which are on sale at

Made from such soft material, these round dog beds will create a piece of heaven on earth for each dog. The round beds featured on will definitely grab the attention of any dog owners serious on pampering their furry pals. They are available in different sizes from extra small (19 inches) to extra large (30 inches). Choosing the right bed size for dogs can be very simple. The size is determined by adding 5 inches to the length of the dog when he or she is in the sleeping position (curled up). That way, there will be enough area for the dog to stretch and roll.

However, if dog owners are looking for a bed with a good price tag, features some very affordable prices for round dog beds from prices as low as $56.99 for the extra large sizes. Investing in a round dog bed is never a bad idea as a good bed will ensure your dog will grow healthy, in addition to reducing the dogs’ risks of suffering from arthritis or any other injuries from sleeping in multiple areas of your house.

Most round beds come with removable covers so they can easily be washed at anytime. Some round beds also come with antibacterial inner lining. A proper dog bed will help prevent the dog from wetting other parts of the house as they now have their own comfort zone. Should the dog wets his or her bed, all that is needed to be done is to remove the cover and wash it. The covers are usually made of easy-to-dry fabrics that can be easily cleaned.

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