It is not surprising that the Orvis Dog Nests line of dog beds really provide the luxury, comfort and style, which will make every dog and his master happy. The one thing that appeals most to Orvis’ customers is certainly the personal customization of dog beds. At Orvis, dog owners are guided step by step on using the Dog Nest Selector to select a nesting dog bed which best suits their needs and preferences.

One gets to choose from the size, filling, shape and cover before placing their orders. The new polyfil filling is definitely a good buy for dog owners who prefer lightweight, silent and super-soft dog beds. Orvis understands that easy maintenance is always their customers’ top priority therefore this filling is made in such a way that it allows complete machine wash. Apart from that, dog owners can also opt for beds which are filled with traditional polystyrene beads that can conform to the dogs’ body shapes and keep them warm and fuzzy.

When it comes to the bed covers, the canvas/fleece cover is the perfect choice as the canvas is Teflon® treated so that the dog’s hair will not stick to the bed’s surface. Also, the fleece can do magic in keeping your dogs warm in cold rooms but cool on a hot sunny day.

What’s more, Orvis dog beds filling can be replaced over time so owners do not have to spend too much money replacing an old bed with a new one to ensure that their dogs continue to enjoy a good night rest. Waterproof liners which are on sale help to prevent the filling of the beds from getting wet. This way, your dogs will not easily be infected by allergies caused by dust mites which are often found in dampen areas.

If by now you may think that Orvis’s dog beds are a luxury that only the rich could afford, think again. They come with affordable price tags which are no higher than those available in the market, another plus point for these great dog beds.

In order to keep up to its fort? of producing high quality and greatly designed dog beds, Orvis is also introducing a number of specialty beds with extra features. There are the Buzz-Off outdoor beds for outdoor dogs, travel beds for owners who are always traveling with their dogs and also a very cute buttercup bed for cute little puppies.

Finally, as the Chairman of Orvis, Leigh Perkins himself is a dog lover, you cannot go wrong in buying a dog bed from a man who loves and understands dogs as well as you. Other than, online shoppers can also check out the sites of these resellers and research for even better prices –, and

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