Mention the words “organic” and “dogs” to any dog owners and they will instantly relate to organic dog food. Health conscious and environment-friendly people of the modern society are going “organic-crazy”. Aside from the famous organic foods that millions adore, organic dog beds are also slowly becoming a favorite item amongst dog owners.

Made of organic cotton and wool, these beds are able to repel moisture to enable the bed surface to remain dry as often as possible. In addition, organic cotton provides the softness and support every dog needs by conforming to a dog’s body. Apart from organic cotton, bed manufacturers also incorporate other materials in the filling to increase comfort levels. For instance, quintessential organic beds contain two chambers, one made of cotton batting and the other with buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat hulls provide orthopedic benefits while the cotton batting provides softness. The integration of these two materials results in the production of a luxurious bed, which provides both comfort and support. Buckwheat hull also has the potential to retain heat in the winter and keep the bed cool during summer.

Other than utilizing organic cotton as the core material, certain bed manufacturers may utilize organic rubber to achieve the same effect. Just like organic cotton, organic rubber shares the same ability to conform to the pet’s unique shape, therefore reducing stress at the joints of the dog.       Organic dog beds are gradually becoming the favorite amongst dog owners due to fact that the materials used to make these beds are pesticide-free. There are cases where certain dogs are allergic to cedar, while others may even suffer from respiratory problems. However, when organic materials are used to make organic beds, this will help to ensure that even the most sensitive dogs will be able to stay away from allergies or any other ailments caused by pesticides.      

When selecting your organic dog bed, be sure that you are buying a genuine organic bed which comes fitted with a 100% organic cotton cover. Organic covers are covers without the use of any synthetic fabrics or chemical dyes. The natural goodness of an organic bed complete with organic filling and organic cover will ensure that your lovely furry pal will be sleeping more comfortably and of course breathe easier too. This is a benefit that only an organic dog bed can provide to your best friend.

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