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Modern Dog Beds

Before Modern Dog Beds, there were just plain beds that served only suitable surfaces for dogs to sleep on. There were neither fancy designs nor innovative functions to pamper dogs. However, the increasing popularity of owning pet dogs has contributed vastly to the revolution of pet beds. Today, owners have the freedom and luxury to choose from the wide selection of dog beds that best suit their needs, preferences, budget, decor, breed, and size. The different demands and needs of both dog owners and dogs have resulted in the production of many modern dog beds. Orthopedic dog beds, heartbeat beds, travel beds, warmer beds, excellent beds, and elevated dog beds are some modern-style beds that have been selling like hotcakes.

Modern Dog Beds

The design and function of a dog bed also play a vital role when making a buying decision. Modern design dogs beds like the ones by Bowser, Caddis, and Petmate offer some very contemporary and chic designs as their dog beds are made from luxurious fabrics such as micro velvet, suede, and even leather. In addition, the dog beds are available in creamy, earthy colors such as Olive and Khaki, which project a classy look while blending harmoniously with most décor.

The revolution of dog beds has also seen more additional functions. For example, several orthopedic beds are made from convoluted foam like those by Orvis, Beasley, and Caddis to help ease the pain and discomfort of dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. In addition, some beds come with a “heart” or warmer embedded into them for more significant orthopedic benefits.

With a keen understanding of the hectic lifestyle of modern society, modern pet bed manufacturers have designed these items for easy maintenance. Almost all modern dog beds are fitted with zippers and covers that are machine washable. The GelPedic gel dog bed only requires a wipe with a moist cloth to get it cleaned up.

Big names like Orvis offer bed customizations, so purchasing a bed tailored to perfection is possible. You will enjoy the freedom to select the dog bed’s filling, cover, shape, and size.



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