Mammoth has lived up to its forte over the past few decades in making excellent quality dog beds and is still one of the top dog bed specialist in the world. If you are the owner of larger dogs like a Labrador or a golden retriever, Mammoth offers a wide range of large and extra large beds for them. In fact, the largest bed measures 55x 42 inches. Besides large beds, they also feature a variety of luxury beds, dog travel beds, designer beds, orthopedic bed, donut beds and pet beds.

Mammoth understands that different dog breeds have different needs which is why to first thing you need to do is to visit the Mammoth website and browse through the different dog bed types to get the right one for your best friend. Every single detail on the bed has been designed to give your dog the comfort and luxury it deserves.

Mammoth Dog Bed Features

Most importantly, the industrial strength canvas, microfibers or corduras selected to make the covers of the bed ensure the durability of the bed. The patented Velcro pads on the covers allow you to easily remove the covers for washing.

The comfort of every dog bed of course lies in the structure of the bed. All Mammoth beds are filled with upholstery fiber which has the will regain its loft when it is not used.  This is especially important to give your dog a good night’s rest and to provide the support your dogs require. Adult dogs with arthritis or joint problems will be grateful to be able to sleep on a Mammoth bed.

If you are planning to get your very first Mammoth dog bed, the original Mammoth Dog Bed is definitely the best choice. One exclusive feature is the special removable inner pillow, embedded into the bed in order to help your dog get the best sleep.

Apart from that, all Mammoth beds come with an anti odor Scotchgard™ fabric protector to keep beds away from unpleasant odors. The durable anti bacterial polypropylene liner is another essential feature to dampen areas of the bed, which can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

In terms of design, Mammoth’s pet beds are quite conservative with prints and colors, but the good news is that the neutral basic colors are made to blend in with your home furniture easily. With so many great testimonials from satisfied dog owners around the world, Mammoth’s beds are definitely worth every cent of your money.

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