If a standard dog bed just does not match your tastes and that of your pampered pooch, then luxury dog beds are just the thing for you. These beds are right for those who have elegant and sophisticated preferences, not to mention a very fussy pet. For dogs that live the good life, nothing compares to the feel and looks of a luxury dog bed, which are so elegant looking that they will blend right in place in your luxurious home.

Although the looks and styling of the bed is important, it is not the design alone that makes a bed a luxury one. The filling inside the bed as well as the top cover is what sets a luxury dog bed apart from regular pet beds.

Luxury Dog Bed Fillings

  • Hi-loft Polyfill: Regular dog beds are filled with regular polyfill which makes them comfortable but not quite that lavish. As far as luxury dog beds are concerned, these are filed with hi-loft fiber polyfill which is a substance that can be fluffed again and again. Thus, if the filling sags with repeated use of the dog bed, you simply need to fluff it up and the bed will be as soft as new.
  • Foam Filling: Unlike regular foam that is filled in standard dog beds, luxury models are filled with a type of foam that is known as Memory Foam. This is a high density foam that takes the shape of your dog’s body and provides it a comfortable nesting place. As soon as your pet lies down on such a bed, the memory foam will instantly and automatically adjust according to your pet’s size, weight, and shape. As memory foam does not gather or flatten, a dog bed filled with this foam will remain thick and soft in all parts of the bed. This foam is even popular for its therapeutic uses as it gives immense relief to arthritic dogs and those with painful joints.
  • Feather Filling: A single feather can feel so soft and smooth against your skin. Now imagine an entire bed filled with feathers! Well, that is the same lush feeling that can be obtained with a feather filled luxury dog bed. In fact, this ultimate in luxury beds is so comfy that you may be tempted to try it out yourself!

Thus, with luxury dog beds, a dog’s life does not seem so bad after all!

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