Dogs that are very big and large need large dog beds to sleep in. Although you need to consider many factors when buying any kind of dog bed, the task becomes a bit more complicated when you’re looking for a large dog bed. It is known to all that a small dog will need a small dog bed and a large dog will need a large one; but how big is big enough? And along with size, does it also matter what kind of bed it is? These and more questions are answered below.

The size of the large bed that you purchase will be determined by the kind of dog you have. Even with large dog breeds, the size of your large dog may be much different than the size of another large dog. For instance, a Great Dane and a German shepherd are both considered large dogs, but there is a vast difference in their sizes. So will the same large dog bed be appropriate for both the types of dogs? Well, not quite.

large-dog-bed-7596394, 1626169630To buy the right sized bed, you have to first measure the size of your dog. Measure them from their neck to their tail. Once you have this measurement, add five inches to it and this will be the right size of the large dog bed that you need to buy. If your pet is not full grown but is a pup, you need to find out what is the average size that the particular breed grows to and then buy the bed accordingly.

In addition to the size of the dog, it is also necessary that you have an idea where you want to place the bed. The size of the space where you intend to put the large dog bed will also affect the size of the bed. If the bed will be placed inside a dog house, it should be such that it covers the entire space inside the dog house. However, if the bed will be placed in a favorite place in the home itself, you need to measure that space and then buy the big dog bed to fit that space comfortably.

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