One of the leading names in the dog bed industry is Kuranda. Whether you are a dog owner and need a dog bed for your pet, or you are a breeder and have need for several dog beds for puppies, or even if you are running an animal shelter and need some inexpensive dog beds for your kennels; you can find them all at Kuranda.




Types of Kuranda Dog Beds

  1. kuranda-dog-bed-4305107, 1626169640Kuranda wood beds: These are not just some soft cushion placed on a hard wood surface. These are All Wood beds which provide your dog with the comfort and support that it requires. These beds are strong and durable and are even chew proof. However, if your dog scratches or digs a lot, it may not be such a good idea to go in for these Kuranda beds as the wood finish can get ruined.
  2. Kuranda aluminum beds: These beds feature aluminum frame pipes which join together to form the bed. The fabric used in these dog beds is vinyl, which is tucked inside the frame and cannot be torn by your dog. The aluminum is very strong and tough, which prevents the bed from bending even with the weight of large dogs.
  3. Kuranda crate beds: If you use a crate for your dog, Kuranda has some great crate beds that would be perfect for any crate. You have a choice of canvas or vinyl fabrics with these dog beds.
  4. Poly resin beds: These are the most popular and best selling product from Kuranda. They are also their most durable and indestructible design. The beds feature a PVC frame and smooth vinyl fabric serves as the bedding. The raised bed design ensures that your dog is kept away from fleas and other bugs. The heavy duty vinyl fabric is very easy to clean and does not absorb sweat, odors, or smells.

Other dog beds available from Kuranda include metal dog beds, fleece dog beds, and off-the-floor beds.

Types Of Fabric

  • Cordura canvas: This fabric feels much like regular canvas and is very durable. It is also waterproof and very cost effective too.
  • Vinyl Weave: This is a woven fabric which allows air to pass through it. It helps your pet remain cool and is great for use with outdoor dog beds.
  • 40 oz. Vinyl: This is the toughest fabric available with Kuranda pet beds. It is very smooth and is also non-porous. The fabric can be cleaned very easily and makes for virtually indestructible dog beds.

Whichever dog bed you choose, as long as it is a Kuranda dog bed, you cannot go wrong.

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