Hi Everyone, this is Debbie the owner of Buddy Beds. We LOVE seeing your comments on our orthopedic dog beds. Thank you. We are very, very proud of the quality of our beds.

I would like to comment on a couple things that Rick said. First there are clearly different qualities of memory foam. The industry grades memory foam into basically 3 categories. First there is 3 pound memory foam. This means — in very general terms — a 12 inch square of foam weighs 3 pounds. 3 pound memory foam is ‘adequate’ memory foam. It is very light and has been know to loose it’s ‘memory’ over time. The next grade of memory foam is 4 lb. memory foam. This is the quality of memory foam most humans have on their beds. And lastly, there is 5 pound memory foam. This 5 pound memory foam is the very best quality of memory foam available in the marketplace — absolutely none better. We at Buddy Beds use a 5 pound memory foam.

If you are shopping for a memory foam dog bed, it is important to ask what grade of memory foam they are using. And believe me. . .if they are using a 5 pound memory foam. . .they will tell you! If using a lesser grade memory foam — well, often the details of which grade are left out.

Lastly, our waterproof, breathable protective liner is patented. Therefore, no other dog bed is able to offer you the unique combination of memory foam with a waterproof breathable liner like Buddy Beds.

While I am mentioning things to look for when purchasing an orthopedic memory foam bed, may I also recommend that your memory foam bed have a supporting layer. This is a critical step–but also an expensive step so you will not see it in all memory foam beds.

Why it is important is, should you have a dog bed made ONLY from memory foam — the longer your dog sleeps or rests upon the memory foam– he/she will continue to sink deeper and deeper into the bed until ultimately hitting the floor. This is called ‘bottoming out”.

Once your dog bottoms out on the hard floor — pressure points are created and you have just defeated the whole purpose of investing in memory foam. Buddy Beds permanently glues the memory foam to a layer of 3 inches of supporting foam. This supporting foam keeps your beloved Buddy up off the floor so the memory foam can do it’s magic.

Lastly I am proud to say that Buddy Beds has received the prestigious Animal Wellness Seal of Approval. This seal of approval is granted after their rigorous in-house testing. We are very proud to display this coveted award, and we also thank the many Vets who have approved and endorsed Buddy Beds.

Again thank you all for your gracious comments. Our goal at Buddy Beds is to improve the quality of life for our beloved Buddys!!