Most dog beds have covers made of fleece or sherpa to retain heat to keep the dog warm but solely depending on such covers may not be enough. Some owners may think that they can place their dog beds nearer to the fireplace or provide the dog with more blankets. However, a much easier and more effective approach is to use a bed warmer. Every dog should be grateful with the invention of a bed warmer as it helps to warm up their beds for a good night’s sleep when the weather gets cold.

dog-bed-warmer-1521139, 1626170981Bed warmers are very easy to use; one just has to plug it into the electric point and insert the warmer in between the cover and the lining. Many features on dog bed warmers were designed for safety reasons. The thermostat is important to regulate the temperature so the warmer will not get too hot. Essentially, your dog will enjoy the same comfortable bed right from the moment he lies down on his bed until he wakes up again.

Dog owners need not worry about the safety of their dogs while sleeping on a bed warmer as all are designed to run on low voltage. Double-sealed heating elements and cords give your dogs added protection. Most bed warmers are also waterproof in order to protect the electronic components in it. Check out the bed warmers at,,, and you’ll be able to see this written in the fine print.

Apart from giving your dog a cozy and warm bed to sleep in, the bed warmer has also been designed to attain a temperature of about 102 degrees. This works to help ease the aches and pains of your dogs. Just place the warmer beneath the affected area and the results are therapeutic.

When purchasing a bed warmer, do check on how far the heat can radiate so the whole bed will be completely warm. Flat warmers are the best ones, as they will not create bumpy areas on your dog’s bed once inserted. Bed warmers are also small and handy so you can also bring them along wherever you go.

Buying a pet bed warmer is an economical way to keep your dogs warm because it is much cheaper than buying a warmer bed or thermo bed, which can be used only during winter after which you will probably need to buy another bed to accommodate your dog during the summer days. With the warmer, all you need to buy is just one comfortable dog bed.