Traveling with dogs will never be a nightmare anymore with the invention of car dog beds. With a car bed, you won’t have to leave your dog behind, as he can now be as comfortable as he is at home. Just let your dog rest on the car dog bed as you drive freely without worrying if your dogs will be wetting the luxurious seats of your car or SUVs.      

Take a browse through and you will find many essential items for frequent travel with dogs. For instance, the Car-go-bed appeals to many dog owners as this poly-filled bed provides a sturdy surface for your dog to lie on. This bed comes with two different sides – a water-resistant side that helps to protect the interior of the bed and the car seat should the dog wet the bed, and a Sherpa side that repels dirt and pet hair to maintain the cleanliness of your car.

car-dog-bed-8240556, 1626171204Should you forget to bring your dog’s blanket with you, this bed can always serve as a cozy blanket for your dog. Additionally, it is easy to store, with no zippers or bolsters sewn on to it. When not in use, just roll up the bed and secure it with the Velcro straps that are attached to the bed.


The SUV mat available from is another potential dog bed for the car. The contours on this bed ensure that it fits perfectly on your car seat. Also, the micro suede fabric used to wrap the bed helps to repel dirt, moisture as well as pet hair. In addition, the covers are also machine-washable and dryable, making this car dog bed one of the easiest to maintain.

Another best seller on this website is the SnoZZy Sleeper dog bed, which comes with a non-skid backing. This helps to hold the bed in place no matter how active your dog can be. If you decide to spend a night in a foreign place, just place the bed on the floor and your dog will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.       If you really face difficulties in selecting the right car pet bed to fit your car, then you may want to consider the Synthetic Sheepskin Pet Pad that can be cut to size. This unique fabric does not fray even after being trimmed. Additionally, sheepskin is also able to retain heat in cooler climates and eliminate heat when it gets warmer.      

For more vehicle dog bed shopping options, check out,, and, for a greater selection list.