Gel dog beds are revolutionary. First, there were only foam beds, polyester beds, fibre beds and cotton beds. Then, as demands for comfort and luxury increased, the gel dog bed was introduced. Many dog owners are still not confident in buying a gel bed, as they are not aware of the great benefits their dogs may gain sleeping on one.

The GelPedic dog bed at is a one of the better gel dog beds around. Filled with an exclusive patented gel-foam, this gel foam conforms to the pet’s body to reduce pressure on the legs and hips. This definitely will help dogs suffering from arthritis or hips dysplasia sleep better. 

Move closer to and you will be able to smell the calming scent of eucalyptus as the bed contains pockets filled with eucalyptus. Besides keeping the bed smelling fresh all the time, the eucalyptus also serves as a repellent to fleas and mites so your dog can get some peaceful sleep on his bed. This feature is especially important if the bed is placed on the ground.gel-dog-bed-1689532, 1626170854

What makes the GelPedic bed so special is its ability to adjust the temperature according to the dog’s body temperature as well as the environmental temperature. The gelfoam within the GelPedic beds work based on a mechanism known as the Thermal Equilibrium law, where two objects in close proximity will constantly transfer heat from one object to another. The ability to transfer heat is parallel to the density of the object. The higher the density, the faster the heat can be transferred. Gelfoam is very dense therefore; it can transfer heat quite fast.  

On warmer days, the gel in the gel foam would maintain a temperature lower than the dog’s body temperature. In order to create a balance between the dog’s temperature and the gel’s temperature, body heat will be absorbed by the gel.

Leakage problems will not occur on this bed as each gel dog bed is properly sealed. Do not forget to purchase the GelPedic bed cover when you buy the GelPedic bed, as this bed cover comes with zippers sewn for easy removal and washing. You can either choose from the chic denim fabric or opt for the classy khaki color.

Visit the bed boutique at to take a closer look at this amazing bed, which many reckon, would be the last bed every dog wants.