Have you ever had your blood pressure rise upon seeing your plush, velvet couch filled with your dog’s fur or refuse? Or, do you still remember that time when you had the shock of your life upon seeing your favorite designer sofa horribly torn with holes all over the poor thing, obviously the signature handiwork of your hyper-active pooch?

You see, your chihuahua can at times become such a rascal, and the sad thing is that you can hardly make your pooch behave, especially if it is a naturally playful canine. But there’s definitely something that you can do to avert a possible heart attack over the sight of your dog having a grand time nibbling on your expensive designer sofa. How about giving your pet a sofa or couch of its own?

In actuality, these days, you can choose from among the various specially-designed dog couches available in the market. However, to aid your selection, try to incorporate the following points that should be featured in your dog’s couch:

1. Strength

This is very important specially if you have big dogs. Choose a couch that is sturdy enough to carry your dog’s weight. Of course, you cannot expect your pooch to avoid even attempting to bite the edges of its couch. This being the case, make sure that from the start you inspect the materials used in the couch. They should be of the superior and fine variety and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

However, in its strictest sense, the couch materials should display exceptional durability and are stain resistant. As such, opt for dog couches that make use of fabrics made of ultra-fine polyester microfibers. These are unquestionably finer than silk, thus making the couch significantly soft with the fabric’s pliant nature that is guaranteed to possess unusual strength. A fabric of this type offers both durability and comfort. Moreover, be on the look out for dog couches that are of the orthopedic types, which are particularly advisable for senior or physically-challenged dogs.

2. Versatility

A good dog couch should blend well with every imaginable house setting. Dog couches with changeable covers do the trick. Just slip in the type of cover that complements the setting and presto! You already get an instant make-over which is arguably pleasing to the eye. Also, it should generally accommodate dogs of any size and weight as possible so you won’t have to buy a separate one in case you have another dog that is of a lighter or heavier type than the other.

3. Easy-clean Features

A dog couch should also allow you to conveniently clean or wash it. Since this piece of furniture is already a part of your house’s decor, it should be kept clean at all times and that should not come as a burden on your part. Check out if the couch has an easy-to-remove slipcovers. This will ensure you an easy time getting them off for washing. Moreover, a dog couch with antibacterial and anti-odor properties as well as a stain resistant feature is a definite plus as you are assured that your dog’s couch will be free of bacteria, stains, and nasty odors.

 Clearly, there is a lot if things you need to check out before you can land at the perfect sofa or couch for your dog. But it is worth everything as you can be sure that while you are having a good time on your sofa reading your favorite book, your dog is happily dozing off on the comfort of its very own couch.

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