Betty’s 3-year old Labrador had stopped tossing and turning on his bed, while Jim’s 5-year-old arthritic golden retriever had been getting better sleep since they both bought the foam dog bed. With so many therapeutic benefits and comfort, it is not surprising why foam dog beds are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners.

Most dog beds are filled with either the memory foam or latex foam. Both types of foam make for allergy free dog beds and arehypoallergenic, therefore they are suitable even for the most sensitive dogs. In addition, foam beds are dust mite resistant so you really have nothing much to worry about when you put your dogs to sleep on their foam dog beds.

foam-dog-bed-4044966, 1626171144Many orthopedic beds are made up of layers of foam which has the ability to support each part of the dog’s body individually and evenly. This is important to help reduce pressure points as well as ease pain and discomfort of your arthritic dog. Do not assume that your dogs do not need foam beds just because they are not arthritic. Most dogs suffer from arthritis because they did not get proper bed support while sleeping. Bear in mind that arthritis begins developing in dogs even when they are in puppy hood. So if you believe that prevention is better than cure than buy your dogs foam beds like Caddis Orthopedic beds or Bed Buddies’ foam bed.

Foam has the potential to retain its loft, which explains why foam beds make the best beds to sleep on. Foam ensures that beds will not sink and conform to the dog’s body, thus allowing the dog to sleep in any position he desires. With so much comfort and support, your dog will never be seen tossing and turning on his dog bed anymore.

If you have already purchase a wooden or metal dog bed’s frame or even a crate, just lay a piece of foam cushion and your dog will be able to enjoy the comfort and luxury of sleeping on a foam dog bed. You will also appreciate a foam dog bed as you are not required to flip or rotate the foam cushion occasionally as it does not sag.

If you are concerned that foam beds will rot due to condensation then worry no more. Foam dog beds like the ones from Orvis ( come with waterproof liners, which will prevent such problem.

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