Without a doubt, flowers of every imaginable sort — tulips, petunias, roses,  chrysanthemums, hyacinths, ivies, and a whole lot more – render different emotional and psychological impacts to people. Chrysanthemum in red signifies love, while the white also represents truth. Ivy, on the other hand, stands for eternal fidelity; the red rose for love, desire, passion, and respect. However, if innocence, humility, reverence, and truth are what you’re aiming for, pick the white rose instead. Do you know that the flowers you’re particularly fond of also serve as reflections of your personality?

Most probably, your room has a hint of flowers in it. You may have a set of those brightly colored bed sheets or some floral pillowcases, both of which reflect your sunny disposition. The same in buying the right floral bed for your canine friend, you should be more careful in choosing what color and style will be best for your dog. More than just a design, they’re also an indicator of your dog’s unique personality. To help you make up your mind, these simple tips may help you arrive at the perfect pick:

1. Choose the floral bed with excellent materials: Take into consideration the overall composition of the bed. Generally, it should be made out of durable and high quality materials. From the fabric down to the threads and zippers, you should examine every detail. Whether it is a canopy, wrought iron, dome, donut, couch, lounge, or a bolster type, the bed should only be made out of the best materials available. The interior should also be built with thick stuffing to firmly support your pet and provide extra comfort. The fabric, however, should be of luggage material to withstand your dog’s biting as well as the constant washing.

Having a bed made of sturdy and durable materials will assure prolonged use. This will also help you save more money on constant repair and replacement.

2. Make sure that the bed is versatile, affordable, feature-packed, and reflective of your dog’s personality:
Remember these considerations: The color of the bed and design should blend well with every possible surrounding. Whether you place it on the living room, bedroom, or playroom, the bed should complement the place instead of create an eyesore. In which case, choose among the many kinds of floral prints – vintage, classic blossoms, or cottage floral – that will complement most parts of your home. Moreover, a floral bed with features such as a poly-fiber stuffing, safety for machine wash and dryer, as well as the use of luggage-grade materials, is basically a good option. More so, if the price of the floral dog bed is also reasonable. Never forget that it should be a mirror of your dog’s personality. After all, it is your pet that should take the center stage.

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