Love at first touch – this is usually the responses of most people when they first lay their hands on Bowser dog beds. Bowser pet beds are well known for their superior quality and luxurious fabrics. Their extensive range of dog beds that include donut beds, dutchie beds, loungers and travel beds allow you to select the bed that best suits you and your dog’s needs.

Wrapped in soft and luxurious covers such as micro fiber, suede, micro velvet or cotton, these beds are smooth and gentle, an attribute that will tempt every dog to just laze and cuddle up. Made from designers’ upholstery fabrics in earthy shades like brown or beige, each Bowser dog bed will look gorgeous in your house. If earthy colors are not your choice, then you can choose from the other pastel colors or floral fabrics. In fact, some dog owners think that their Bowser bed is eye candy amongst their other pieces of furniture. The fabrics are also so durable that the bed will still look good after repeated washes. The zippers on the beds’ cover also permits easy removal.      

The fabrics used to make Bowser pet beds do not just look good but they do serve many other purposes as well. For example, beds made of fabrics as Berber has the potential to retain the dog’s heat during winter keeping the dog warm and cozy.

      Besides the luxurious fabrics, Bowser’s beds are filled with high quality polyester fiber, which will easily regain its loft when it is not in use. This feature promises your dogs the comfort and support they need.       The outer bolster of the Bowser donut bed will also appeal to many dog owners. In addition, the inside cushion can be detached so you can fit it into crates, should you decide to keep your dog in the crate. Buy your dog a Bowser dutchie bed or a Donut Bed and watch your dog cuddle the overstuffed bolster as he lies on the super soft cushion. Your dog will thank you for all the pleasure he gets from sleeping on a Bowser bed.      

These dog beds are available in many different dimensions to accommodate small to large dogs.  The beds are also able to support large dogs up to 120 pounds. If you have a larger dog, thed ouble donut bed or Bowser reversible lounger bed is the perfect choice as these beds come with an open front so your bigger dogs can access their beds easily.

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