Do you have an extra large Great Dane at home? Are regular large dog beds still too small for your extra large dog? Then, for your dog to enjoy the utmost comfort while sleeping, it may be essential for you to purchase an x large dog bed for your large best friend!

A visit on the Internet to sites such as or Petcarecentral will reveal that there are indeed many choices available. One of the more prominent dog beds would be the Mammoth Original Extra Large Dog Bed. Made especially for extra large dogs, this extra large dog bed is built to give that support needed for the weight of your four-legged friend. The highly durable canvas cover ensures that your dog won’t be able to chew through, while the high memory fill within the dog bed helps to keep the dog bed in its original shape even through years of usage.

In order to provide adequate cushioning, this extra-large dog bed comes with internal and external cushions which are easily removable for cleaning through a Velcro system. Apart from that, the antibacterial exterior as well as stain resistance helps to maintain sanitary conditions for your dog bed. What’s more, the dark blue color that this x-large dog bed is made of makes it easy to practically match any room décor that you have.

If you prefer to get a softer x large dog bed for your giant dog, you could consider the Supersoft Extra Large Dog bed. Produced with Hypo-Loft internal stuffing, this bed is soft yet easily washable whenever required.

Another option would be the Durabed Extra Large Dog bed which is raised from your floor to provide extra air circulation beneath the bed, and ultimately extra comfort. Made from a 16 gauge steel frame, this dog bed also helps to keep the cold floor away from your dog and is even veterinarian recommended. With a nylon cover, it is easily washed whenever required and also comes with the necessary padding for added comfort for you friend.

Finally, specialty extra large sized dog beds are also available, such as cooling beds andsuede beds. Pretty soon, your extra large dog will be sleeping on a bed which matches the quality of your own bed! How’s that for your best buddy?

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