Just got your new pooch? Then you definitely need to get the accompanying pet accessories which are totally essential for your new best friend. The first thing you need is a place for your dog to sleep in. It’s best for your dog to have his own bed, and one of the most versatile dog beds that you can get for indoors would be a donut dog bed.

Shaped much like a donut in a sense, donut dog beds can easily be purchased at any of your local pet store, or even online from sites such as DogHouses.com, Petco and Petcare Central . What’s more, dog beds available in so many shapes and sizes, you’d probably need to get your dog to make the choice!

Donut dog-beds are basically made from polyester fiber within but wrapped with a variety of different fabric. These could be velvet, cotton or suede in multiple colors and prints. Furthermore, the outer ring functions as security and boundary of the bed, while the extra cushion at the bottom provides your dog with extra comfort.

Most importantly, doughnut dog beds are made to be machine washable and dryable. All you need to do is to remove the outer cover and wash that in the washing machine. Regularly washing your donut bed will keep your dog’s personal area clean, preventing the build up of dust which may also cause skin allergies on your dog.

Apart from that, these beds are also made in many sizes, as dogs also come in toy, small, medium and large sizes. With this, you can be sure to find one that best fit the size of your dog.

A visit to http://www.doghouses.com will find that their selection includes double donut dog beds as well. These beds incorporate another layer of a bolster and also piping, to give it an elegant look. Most importantly, their expensive look will go well with the décor of your home. What’s more, the various prints and materials will do well to match any home theme.

Finally, high-memory fiber material help ensure that your dog will have a great and comfortable sleep in his favorite spot.  Also, some donut dog beds come with a removable tufted cushion at the bottom, which can be used as a pet travel bed when the need arises.