From the Seattle Times: Backcountry camping has certainly gone to the dogs.  Now, there are a number of things that can make the outdoors even more inviting for our fave pooches.  That’s certainly good news for people who love to go hiking or camping and, at the same time, can’t bear the thought of leaving their pet dog behind. 

To make sure that your dog’s paws are protected from the elements, try this new thing I discovered: dog hiking boots.  I kid you not.  There are shoes created specially for dogs.  They’re padded, molded and built just like human shoes; except that they make four of them each batch and not just two.

What about the claws, you ask?  How will the dog get good traction while walking when its paws are all covered up?  Not to worry.  The doggie shoes have outsoles made of durable rubber that give good traction.

The pads, on the other hand, protect the pooch’s paws from unforgiving surfaces like snow and ice.  They also keep the dog warm so that a good night sleep is still possible even while outdoors. 

Speaking of doggie’s good night sleep, you can try bringing a portable dog bed for your beloved pet pooch.  A travel dog bed is exactly like the dog bed you keep at home, only this variation is usually foldable and can be brought practically anywhere you wish to (read: portable). It weighs less, requires less space, normally comes with a tote, and is cozy. Imagine that! A travel slash portable dog bed is not only friendly to your pooch but to you, too.


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