It is not surprising that some dog owners have never heard of dog ramps. A dog ramp looks like a slide and is usually attached to higher vehicles like SUVs, vans or pick-ups to help your dogs get down from the vehicles. Sometimes, they can be attached to pool or lakesides to help dogs get up from the water. Ramps are also useful to help your little pets make their way up the couch or the bed. Sensitive dog owners will realize that the dog ramp is a very important item as their dogs get older, or if they have a larger adult dog with a mobility problem. Dogs can be made to jump down from vehicles but by doing so, your poor dogs may risk injuring itself. 

Features And Benefits

While some dog owners are unaware of the existence of a dog ramp, others think that it is too heavy to be transported around. Heavy ramps made of steel are so passé. These days, most ramps are made of materials like high impact plastic or heavy-duty aluminum. The average weight is only about 10 lbs. Thus, they have the ability to support even large dogs as heavy as 300 lbs.

For security reasons, most dog ramps are fixed with rubber feet to ensure that they stand steadily and firmly on the ground. Besides rubber feet, some are also equipped with ribbed non-slip surface with rubberized coating to avoid dogs from slipping when they walk down the ramp especially if they have just gotten out of the water.

Types Of Pet Ramps

One can choose to either purchase the half or full ramp. The difference is in the length. The half ramp is ideal if you are just looking for a dog ramp to help your dog move in and out of vehicles or if you want to help your little puppies move easily up and down the couch. It is easier to carry about and it is only half the price of the full ramp. However if you need a longer dog ramp, full ramps are now retractable so you can adjust them from 39 inches to 70 inches according to your needs. Adjusting the length of is an easy task, as you just need to swing them. Some retractable ramps also come with safety release latch to prevent accidental opening.

Manufacturers are becoming more innovative in dog ramp designs. Besides the common ones that look like slides, there are also ramps with stairs. The Solvit stairs on work well to assist dogs in reaching the back seat of your vehicle, as this is rather impossible with normal ramps. The unique sloping treads on the stair will allow even small puppies to climb up and down the stairs easily. Other sites worth checking out are and

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