Lulu Jane designer dog products are created by Orrville Pet Products. Aimed to provide upscale and brand name products for dog care, Lulu Jane meets the desire of dog owners who want the same high end and sophistication of their pets. This is why, much of products from Lulu Jane run along this theme, with fluffy pillows for dogs, designer dog beds, embroidered bags and preppy collars and leashes trimmed with jewels.

lulu-jane-dog-bed-1407466, 1626169600Initially, Orville Pet Products had been a leather company, producing leather items for horses. Later, the organization slowly diversified into a wide range pet products with Lulu Jane being the designer brand arm of this company. Founded by Kristine Lauritzen Fellows, the idea of Lulu Jane was conceptualized when Kristine attended a board meeting for Orville Pet Products. She had an idea to incorporate style and grace into pet products with the purpose of introducing chic designs as a choice for pet owners with a taste for stylish merchandise.

Lulu Jane dog beds is one of the product lines amongst the many products under the Lulu Jane umbrella. One of the most prominent dog beds is the wrought iron round pet bed consisting of a white iron frame, carved with flowers at the base. A round cushion is placed right at the middle of the bed, and is available in raspberry color, pollyanna pink, safari adventure print or lady of the jungle print. As a finishing touch, a crystal is placed at the top of the frame.

Apart from that, there are also other luxury dog beds for you to choose from. These include the Lulu Jane Crown Royale canopy pet bed, which comes with 3 choices of cushions – Savannah Sweetness, the Blue Willow and the Safari Adventure. Each of these are produced with brushed cotton on the outside and inserted with polyfiberfill and cedar on the inside. Pure luxury for your best friend!

In conclusion, designer dog beds by Lulu Jane are built to offer the utmost luxury to your fluffy fur ball, ensuring that he or she enjoys the excellence you have for yourself. What’s more, with all the right prints available, Lulu Jane products are excellent combinations for your home décor as well.

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