Oreo is a 6-month old chubby Pekingese who sleeps on his Snuggle Slipper bed every night. If Oreo could talk, he would ask his owner’s friends to stop looking at him as he may shy away at times. However, it is almost impossible not to at least take a glance at Oreo because he is just so irresistible and adorable when he is curled up on this cute baby blue dog bed.  

Let your dog share the same fame as Oreo by purchasing one of the many cute dog beds available on websites such as www.sitstay.com, or www.orvis.com. These dog beds are so dainty that you may find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to deciding which one to buy.


cute-pet-bed-3751195, 1626169994The New York Dog Hawaiian Garden Snuggle on www.puplife.com is one that would attract the attention of many dog owners. Served as a cozy little nest bed, this bed is available in bright colors like Polynesian Pink and Ocean Blue. The cutest detail about this bed is that you can also opt to buy a matching dog bone pillow. If you feel that the Hawaiian inspired fabric does not blend with your home concept, then maybe you should consider getting the New York Dog Hampton Snuggle, which looks similar yet, comes with a stripe fabric cover.

On the same website, you will find other cute beds lfor dogs ike the Slipper Dog bed. Made of soft plush material and lined with textured Berber, this bed will provide your dogs the comfort and warmth they need. The slipper shape allows your shy dogs to delve into the hoods for the security they desire. When you purchase this bed, you will also get a squeaker toy free. There are two adorable designs to choose from: Lil’ Blue Prince or Lil’ Pink Princess. What makes the bed so irresistible aside from the sweet candy colors is the Prince or Princess logo, which is sewn onto the bed cover.

The Howlin Pet Framed Bijou bed is also another cute pet bed that appeals to many dog owners especially puppy owners. This beaded bed frame can support weights of up to 25 lbs. If you are looking for a fancy and cute dog bed that would last you a long time than this bed is your ultimate choice as the bed frame is built of iron. It is equipped with a soft plump pillow covered in soft coffee-colored micro suede. Your dog will look like a little prince or princess sleeping on this soft as cotton bed.

Other cute bed to look out for is the Orvis Buttercup dog bed. Just the name itself could lure you into buying this bed. Your dogs will sit comfortably in these buttercup shaped beds made of superior fabric for the extra comfort and warmth.

Do not hesitate to shop for the some cute dog beds. These beds will promise to make your cute dogs even cuter. Just like Oreo, you may find your neighbors visiting you very often just to sneak a peak when you place them into one of these cute beds.

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