Even though there are hundreds of different types of dog beds available in the markets, with varying styles, designs, and level of comfort; you may still not find that perfect dog bed for your pet. In such a situation, custom dog beds are a great alternative.

Customized dog beds are the best option for those dog owners who cannot find a ready dog bed that suits their pet just right. Perhaps the style of bed that you like is not sized properly for your dog, or it may not have adequate support or softness, or maybe you just do not like the looks of any dog beds that you have come across. With customized dog beds, you can do away with all these problems.

Here are some ways in which you can customize your dog beds:

1) Size: This is the main reason that dog owners go for custom dog beds. If not sized right, the bed may be too big or too small for your dog, which is not conducive to good sleep. Thus, instead of opting for an incorrect size, go in for a custom dog bed that is sized perfectly for your dog. Not just in length and width, but the dog bed will be sized to the right height too.

2) Cushions and Mattresses: You can choose whether you want a stiffed cushion with the custom dog bed or you want to go in for a mattress. In addition to being sized for the bed frame, you can also specify how much thickness you require.

3) Frame Materials: Depending on the size and the weight of your pet, you can choose different materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC etc for the frame of the dog bed. How durable and long lasting you need the bed to be will also determine your choice of materials.

In addition to the above, you can also choose various colors, designs, and patterns for the dog bed. The mattress or cushion can even be of the orthopedic variety for old or injured pets.

www.orvis.com is a great site for custom dog beds. Along with having a phenomenal collection to choose from, this site also offers you the option of personalizing the dog bed with your pet’s name.

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