crafty-daisy-inexpensive-dog-bed-3159602, 1626169792I know that we usually showcase dog beds that you would buy, but with a little of creativity, you can make your own and not break the bank in the process.

That’s just what Candace from Crafty Daisies did. She had bought her pug, Jaxon, a dog bed which he definitely did not care for. Instead of going out and buying another bed that he might not like, she figured she would just create one herself.

Starting off with a large pillow, she then bought a fabric pattern that she liked, and after about 20 minutes of work, Jaxon had something he seemed to like a lot more (he seems quite comfy in the picture!)

Take a look at her design – it’s simple and functional, and for a relatively small amount of  effort and money, her dog got exactly the right bed!

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