The name Coolaroo dog beds does not refer to pet beds that are manufactured by a company of the same name, but instead refer to the excellent patented fabric that is used to make these dog beds.

Gale Pacific makes many different consumer products, all of which feature the Coolaroo fabric. Of these, the Coolaroo pet beds are among their best and most popular products. The Coolaroo fabric is a technological miracle as it consists of innumerable tiny holes from which air can pass through easily. Even with so many tiny spaces in the fabric, it is extremely tough and durable.

coolaroo-dog-bed-4241184, 1626169599Coolaroo dog beds are available in different sizes to as to suit different breeds of dogs. You can choose from the large pet bed which measures 51.1″ x 31.5″, or the medium pet bed that measures 43.4″ x 25.6″, or the small pet bed with measurements of 35.5″ x 21.6″. Thus, depending on the size of your dog and its favorite sleeping position, you can choose from any of these Coolaroo beds.

Benefits Of Coolaroo Pet Beds

  • Because the coolaroo fabric has so many holes, air can flow freely through the fabric. This ensures that the dog bed does not get uncomfortably hot and your dog always remains cool and comfortable.
  • Because of the ‘breathability’ of the fabric, it does not provide a breeding ground for fleas and ticks which can be an issue with other types of beds. Thus, you will never have to worry about your pet being riddled with fleas and scratching itself crazy.
  • Mold, mildew, and fungus will never grow on the fabric, thus keeping the coolaroo dog bed clean and safe for your pet.
  • These beds are extremely easy to clean and take care of. The fabric does not get damaged by water, so you can simply hose the dog bed down if you so choose. In fact, it is even possible to give your dog a bath right on its coolaroo dog bed. Once you have finished, you simply hose the entire bed, wait for it to dry in a few minutes, and it will be as good as new.
  • These beds are of the raised variety, thus keeping your pet cool in the summer months, and keeping it off the cold floor in the winter months.

Thus, if your loving pet is really pampered and you always want to give it the best, make sure its bed is a Coolaroo dog bed.

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