Even if you take extra care of your dog, brush its fur regularly, give it a bath as needed, and use top-of-the-line dog care products; your dog can still end up with a peculiar smell. This does not indicate that you don’t care for your pet properly, but has more to do with the dog’s drool and natural body odor. But regardless of why the smell is present, you can get rid of it by purchasing a cedar dog bed for your pet.

Cedar pet beds are beds that are filled with real cedar filling. There are different types of cedar beds depending on what type of cedar filling is contained in them. In this regard, you have cedar shaving filled beds, cedar chips filled beds, and beds that have cedar coils in them.

Beds that have cedar chips or shavings can also contain some shredded foam as well. This type of combination filling makes the beds real soft and fluffy. Cedar beds for dogs that contain cedar coils offer very good support and also adjust to the contours of your pet’s body. These beds are very long lasting as they can be fluffed regularly.

Cedar Dog Bed Benefits

  • Since real cedar has a natural sweet smell, the dog bed also has a very nice smell to it. Thus, when your pet sits on such a bed, the smell gets transferred on to your pet which helps it to remain sweet smelling too.
  • Cedar is a natural repellant for bugs, ticks, and fleas, again because of it characteristic smell. A cedar bed thus does not attract any fleas or pests, which can be a major problem with regular dog beds. And if the bed has fleas, your dog certainly will; and how big a problem that is you definitely don’t need to be reminded. Thus, to prevent your dog and its bed from being riddled with fleas or ticks, consider getting a cedar-type dog bed.

When buying any kind of cedar dog bed, ensure that it is the type that can easily be refilled with new cedar. As the cedar gets older, it may lose its fluffiness and also its smell. This means that the bed will not be as comfortable as it once was, nor will it be able to repel fleas efficiently. By simply refilling the bed with new cedar filling, you can restore its usefulness and will not have to buy a new dog bed. Thus, it is best to buy ones that can be refilled again and again.

The Pet Gear Large Nature’s Foundation Deluxe Pet Bed is the best cedar dog bed that money can buy.

This bed is available at Pet Care Central

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