When it comes to dog beds, the two main types are beds which rest on the floor and raised dog beds. While dog beds which rest on the floor are great for older dogs, dogs that have undergone some surgery, or dogs that have some problem with their legs, raised beds do provide many more benefits over such beds.

As the name suggests, a raised pet bed is one where the bedding does not touch the floor but is raised. The bedding is either some kind of fabric that is stretched and tucked inside the frames so as to lie above the floor; or a mattress that rests on a frame bed where only the supports touch the floor and not the actual bed.

Raised Pet Bed Types

  1. Wooden beds: A bamboo bed, a cedar bed, or a raised Adirondack bed can be a great addition to any home. In such dog beds, the bed frame is made from wood and the mattress rests on the frame. The beds may also have a headboard and sideboards, which essentially makes these dog beds look like miniatures of our beds. If you need some extra storage space to keep all your dog accessories, you can even get a wood dog-bed with drawers. Now doesn’t that make for an awesome raised bed indeed!
  2. Wrought iron pet beds: No one can deny the amazing beauty of wrought iron furniture, which is why they are so popular in homes. Now you can get your pet a raised wrought iron bed too. Along with providing it a comfortable sleeping place, the bed will also enhance the décor of your home. There are two types of mattresses that can be used with such raised dog beds – pillow top mattresses and coil spring mattresses.
  3. Wicker raised dog beds: Great beds to spoil your pet with! These are made from wicker that has been treated to be durable and strong. The beds will compliment any type of home décor and will be the perfect personal retreat for your pet.

The advantages of raised dog beds is that they keep your dog off the floor and thus away from bugs and insects that roam the floors. And since air is allowed to pass under the bed, your dog remains cool at all times. www.petco.com has some great deals on raised dog beds.

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