It is pointless buying your dog a bed, which suit your needs and taste perfectly if your dog refuses to spend even a second on the bed. Therefore, it is important that you understand your dogs’ need before buying a dog bed. Some dogs especially the young ones are timid and often feel insecure sleeping on an open bed like a pillow bed. Most of the times, they enjoy the comfort of snuggling into the sheets or just simply hide under sheets of cloth. If your dog belongs to the shy and timid type, then getting a burrow dog bed seems to be the ultimate choice to allow your furry pal to continue enjoying the coziness of hiding in between sheets in the comfort of his very own bed.

The Petmate Burrow bed and the Cozy Cave bed are among some of the burrow dog beds available in the market. Your dogs will feel utmost comfortable delving into the hoods on these beds. The inner covers of the hoods are made from soft and warm materials like sheepskin and faux lambs’ wool to provide your dogs the warmth they need when they are snuggle up in the hoods. Also, most burrow dog beds are machine washable so there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to cleaning up the bed.

If you have a puppy, you will definitely fall in love with the cute and dainty slipper dog bed on. Available in pastel colors like pink and baby blue, the burrow bed’s shape is almost like a giant slipper. It has a canopy top for your puppies to snuggle. In addition, the internal part of this canopy top is made of textured Berber to keep your puppy warm and cozy. The inner cushion of this bed is reversible so you can choose to use either the plush side or the Berber side according to the weather and your puppy’s needs. On top of all these great features, the bed also comes with a “princess logo” sewn onto its pink plush exterior. With this, you little best friend will feel like a princess sleeping in such pretty burrow bed. Similarly, the baby blue version for male puppies comes with the “prince logo” instead.

Also, if you check out Orvis burrow dog beds, you will find burrow dog beds with suede micro fiber exteriors and plush Berber fleece interiors. Additionally, with hypoallergenic polyfil linings for these beds, you can be sure that your dog will stay healthy and cozy with a bed like this.

Finally, if your smaller dogs or puppies do not sleep well, then the problem most probably lies in the exposure of their bed. Do your dog a favor by helping him or her sleep soundly and comfortably in a burrow dog bed. Your dog will love you for the security and warmth they get from such beds.

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