Coolaroo Dog Beds: The Ultimate Cooling Bed

The name Coolaroo dog beds does not refer to pet beds that are manufactured by a company of the same name, but instead refer to the excellent patented fabric that is used to make these dog beds.

Gale Pacific makes many different consumer products, all of which feature the Coolaroo fabric. Of these, the Coolaroo pet beds are among their best and most popular products. The Coolaroo fabric is a technological miracle as it consists of innumerable tiny holes from which air can pass through easily. Even with so many tiny spaces in the fabric, it is extremely tough and durable.

coolaroo-dog-bed-1875871, 1626170167Coolaroo dog beds are available in different sizes to as to suit different breeds of dogs. You can choose from the large pet bed which measures 51.1″ x 31.5″, or the medium pet bed that measures 43.4″ x 25.6″, or the small pet bed with measurements of 35.5″ x 21.6″. Thus, depending on the size of your dog and its favorite sleeping position, you can choose from any of these Coolaroo beds.

Benefits Of Coolaroo Pet Beds

  • Because the coolaroo fabric has so many holes, air can flow freely through the fabric. This ensures that the dog bed does not get uncomfortably hot and your dog always remains cool and comfortable.
  • Because of the ‘breathability’ of the fabric, it does not provide a breeding ground for fleas and ticks which can be an issue with other types of beds. Thus, you will never have to worry about your pet being riddled with fleas and scratching itself crazy.
  • Mold, mildew, and fungus will never grow on the fabric, thus keeping the coolaroo dog bed clean and safe for your pet.
  • These beds are extremely easy to clean and take care of. The fabric does not get damaged by water, so you can simply hose the dog bed down if you so choose. In fact, it is even possible to give your dog a bath right on its coolaroo dog bed. Once you have finished, you simply hose the entire bed, wait for it to dry in a few minutes, and it will be as good as new.
  • These beds are of the raised variety, thus keeping your pet cool in the summer months, and keeping it off the cold floor in the winter months.

Thus, if your loving pet is really pampered and you always want to give it the best, make sure its bed is a Coolaroo dog bed.

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Designer Dog Beds By Lulu Jane For That Extra Special Canine!

Lulu Jane designer dog products are created by Orrville Pet Products. Aimed to provide upscale and brand name products for dog care, Lulu Jane meets the desire of dog owners who want the same high end and sophistication of their pets. This is why, much of products from Lulu Jane run along this theme, with fluffy pillows for dogs, designer dog beds, embroidered bags and preppy collars and leashes trimmed with jewels.

lulu-jane-dog-bed-1348086, 1626170168Initially, Orville Pet Products had been a leather company, producing leather items for horses. Later, the organization slowly diversified into a wide range pet products with Lulu Jane being the designer brand arm of this company. Founded by Kristine Lauritzen Fellows, the idea of Lulu Jane was conceptualized when Kristine attended a board meeting for Orville Pet Products. She had an idea to incorporate style and grace into pet products with the purpose of introducing chic designs as a choice for pet owners with a taste for stylish merchandise.

Lulu Jane dog beds is one of the product lines amongst the many products under the Lulu Jane umbrella. One of the most prominent dog beds is the wrought iron round pet bed consisting of a white iron frame, carved with flowers at the base. A round cushion is placed right at the middle of the bed, and is available in raspberry color, pollyanna pink, safari adventure print or lady of the jungle print. As a finishing touch, a crystal is placed at the top of the frame.

Apart from that, there are also other luxury dog beds for you to choose from. These include the Lulu Jane Crown Royale canopy pet bed, which comes with 3 choices of cushions – Savannah Sweetness, the Blue Willow and the Safari Adventure. Each of these are produced with brushed cotton on the outside and inserted with polyfiberfill and cedar on the inside. Pure luxury for your best friend!

In conclusion, designer dog beds by Lulu Jane are built to offer the utmost luxury to your fluffy fur ball, ensuring that he or she enjoys the excellence you have for yourself. What’s more, with all the right prints available, Lulu Jane products are excellent combinations for your home décor as well.

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Scouting For The Perfect Snoozzy Dog Beds

As among the many dog beds that offer luxury and comfort in today’s market, Snoozzy dog beds definitely belong to the top echelon – for some irresistibly good reasons.

Snoozzy dog beds effectively weave versatility, comfort, luxury, security, and economy all in one package. Take a look at these cool features, and you’ll easily be convinced to buy one of these fine dog beds at the soonest time possible:

* Snoozzy dog beds offer multiple uses: These beds come in six different sizes, which means that you can always find a perfect fit for your prized pooch. Generally, the sizes that you can choose from are as follows: extra small (18L x 12W inches), small (23L x 16W inches), medium (29L x 18W inches), large (35L x 22W inches), extra large (41L x 26W inches), and jumbo (47L x 28W inches).

The design of these beds is also made to fit the majority of precision crates such as the suitcase crates and the great crates. You can also use these beds almost anywhere you and your pooch would want to go– in beaches, parks, and backyards. What’s more, the different designs will also satisfy you and your dog’s fancies such as the ring, donut, teacup, saucer, reversible, and many others. It’s like having an army of dog beds, all in a prize of one. Now, ain’t that a great idea?

* Snoozzy beds are made for traveling: Since most Snoozzy dog bed models can simply be rolled, they also make a good traveling companion. You may put them in your carrier, place them at the back of your pick-up truck, or put them at the backseat of your flashy convertible. As you hold on to the steering wheel, just put them anywhere that’s safe and enjoy the scenery.

* They’re very comfortable: With one of these fine beds, imagine the happiness that will be written all over your dog’s face Since the beds are mostly over stuffed, your dog may enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation. Every time your pooch lays its body over one of these beds, it will experience extreme coziness and luxurious indulgence. The designer fabrics used in most models give that profound touch of class and elegance, making your dog a source of envy for your neighbor’s canine pet. Moreover, these beds offer nothing but maximum cushion and support to your prized pet’s limbs and joints. Thus, consider comfort and over-all support in one neat package.

*They are durable and easy to clean: Considering that most models are machine washable, Snoozzy beds assure you of fuss-free washing sessions. Be careful, however, not to dry the bed by machine as doing so can easily cut the bed’s length of service to your dog. Beneath most beds are a nice fusion of polyester and cotton for that non-skid, durable feature.

After seeing these cool features, why don’t you go out and buy one? Start pampering your beloved pooch the way it deserves to be.

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Simmons Dog Beds: The Perfect Choice For Older Dogs

Simmons mattresses are extremely popular the world over as they are quality mattresses that are conducive to restful sleep. Now the same benefits of the Simmons technology can be enjoyed by your pet through Simmons dog beds.

Although they are called Simmons dog beds, the name is somewhat of a misnomer as Simmons makes only the pet mattresses and not the entire bed. However, the mattresses are of standard sizes and can fit most brands of dog bed frames. In fact, the Simmons dog mattresses are designed in such a manner that you can simply use the mattress without placing it in any kind of bed frame.

Here’s a look at the features and benefits of our featured Simmons Dog Bed:

The Simmons Beautyrest Orthopedic Pet Bed

This dog bed is a full 6 inches thick and thus provides the highest level of support and comfort to your dog. There are three layers of filling in the mattress, namely fleece, memory foam, and fabric. The fleece helps to keep your dog warm, while the memory foam adjusts to the contours of your pet’s body and provides the perfect resting spot. The fabric layer ensures comfort and added softness.

This is not just an ordinary bed but is the best Simmons orthopedic dog bed that you can find on the market. When dogs get older they need more support from their beds and are not well rested on a very soft bed. For such dogs, the orthopedic bed is the ideal choice as it gives them the support that they need for their old and arthritic joints. In fact, if your dog has recently had any illness, or is recuperating from some surgery, then this Simmons dog bed is a must buy!

Most orthopedic dog beds are quite costly. But, the Simmons orthopedic pet bed can be yours for less than $40. Thus, in addition to being a great dog bed that is sure to please your pet, the low cost of the dog bed comes as good news for dog owners too.

The bed comes with a removable bed cover that can easily be washed in the machine. You can also buy separate dog bed covers to fit your dog’s Simmons bed if you want it to fit in with your home décor.

Thus, if an orthopedic dog bed is what you are looking for, then you need not look further than a Simmons dog bed.

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Those Comfy Things Called Beautyrest Dog Beds

Just as you crave for a long hour of sleep before an important date or a business appointment, that furry friend of yours need to have one, too. You see, being a dog is not an easy task at all. Imagine being the one to do all the fancy tricks for your master’s delight, or being awake in the dead of the night just to bark at that unscrupulous burglar who lurks around the house. Think about these highly stressful tasks, and you’ll realize what a great service your trusted pooch has been giving you and your family all these years. And, this is where Beautyrest dog beds come to mind.

Beautyrest dog beds are perhaps, among the most luxurious beds in the market today. Their fine features appeal to most dog owners. But, why all the buzz over these beds? These are some of the reasons why Beautyrest dog beds are creating such hype:

1. They’re more comfortable: These dog beds are particularly known for the high degree of comfort they provide dogs. With pocketed coil springs that come individually and now has a patent, these luxurious dog beds will surely provide your canine friend with the tender loving care that it needs. The exciting fusion of high-memory foam, fleece, and quality fabric put Beautyrest dog beds ahead of the leading pack.

2. They’re good for physically challenged dogs: Whether your dog is a senior Golden Retriever or a young Chihuahua, injuries and physical handicaps do happen. In which case, Beautyrest dog beds would be perfect for your prized pooch as they provide not just optimum comfort but orthopedic care as well. If your dog is very active, has an injury, already a senior, or simply gets joint problems in trying to be of service to you, these beds will surely be of great help in promoting healthy joints and back.

3. They’re easy to clean: With washable and removable covers, these beds make a top choice for something that you can wash and clean in no time at all. This means that you can spend more time with your family, take them on a weekend getaway, or just give your canine friend a relaxing massage right at its own comfy Beautyrest bed.

4. They can be custom made: Having a bed that caters to you and your pet’s little whims may seem a little too good for a daydream. However, Simmons Beautyrest dog beds can actually make this dream come true. All you have to do is ask yourself these questions: Do you like it oval or bone shaped? Or, perhaps, you want to have a wrought iron for its frame and some fleece for the fabric? From the intricate designs down to the fabrics, you and your dog are the real boss. After you place an order, the custom-made beds will only take one or two weeks to be delivered at your doorsteps. The package will carry out everything the master and the pet would wish to have.

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Woolrich Dog Beds Just Spell Ultra Comfort

Some dog beds are so comfortable and cozy that they have the power to invite even the most active dogs to go to bed. The ones from Woolrich totally meet these high standards that only a dog would know. 

Woolrich dog beds are well known for smooth and comfortable materials utilized on their products. A few popular styles, which have captured the hearts of many dog owners, are the Berber/Twill Pet Bed, Oval Cuddler Pet Bed and the Patch Cuddle Up Bed. Also, Woolrich beds are ideal for puppies to cuddle up, roll, stretch, sleep or play, as most of the beds are smaller.woolrich-dog-bed-6506017, 1626170181

Woolrich Dog Bed Features and Benefits

The most appealing feature of the Woolrich pet beds is its smooth finishing. In fact,  owners claim that they do not need to scratch the bed to keep it smooth. Most Woolrich dog beds are covered with materials such as faux suede, Berber/Twill or Polyester/Fleece. These materials are able to retain heat, and thus help keep your furry pal warm and cozy throughout the night.

All Woolrich pet beds have also been designed for easy maintenance, with covers detachable for easy washing. Also, the filling of a bed is important in determining the comfort level of the bed. Woolrich fills each of their dog beds with these materials that promise the greatest comfort to your dogs. For example, the Patch Cuddle Up bed utilizes a polysilk polyester cushion fill that will be able to provide your dog the soft but firm surface he or she will enjoy.

Apart from that, based on customer comments, this has been the only bed that their dog will sleep on comfortably without scratching and chewing. That’s the comfort level and coziness that a Woolrich Patch Cuddle Up bed can give to you dog!

From an esthetic sense, Woolrich bed designs are very captivating as they come in calming earthy tones, which look contemporary and classy. Inspired by outdoor symbols, classic American buffalos and green and red rock bears, Woolrich constantly tries to invent dog beds, which will bring the feeling of warmth and coziness right to your homes.

With such affordable prices and superior quality it is not surprising that most Woolrich dog beds are hot items. Indeed, they are often sold out due to their high demand, which is why you need to make a purchase as soon as you see one. Check them out at, or

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