The perfect bed for your dog is that which provides it with the support that it needs, but is also luxurious and comfortable. In this regard, bolster dog beds are a great choice.

Bolster dog beds are considered to be the embodiment of coziness and for a very good reason. These dog beds feature bolsters which provide a convenient place for your dog to rest its head on. Just as humans find it difficult to sleep without a pillow and are much more comfortable with one; similarly, dogs too like something to rest their heads on if they wish. A bolster pet bed provides just that for your pet.

A bolster bed can have bolsters on all its four sides, which essentially makes the bed like a large donut. Many dogs, especially small breeds find such beds extremely comfortable. However, if you have an aging pet or your dog has joint pains, then you can choose a bed that has bolsters on two or three sides only. This leaves one side open from where the dog can easily access the bed and need not climb over the bolsters to get in.

The deluxe sofa bolster bed is the ideal choice for those pet owners who want to provide their dogs with the very best. These bolster dog beds are made medical grade foam which is orthopedic and can properly support your pet, thus giving it relief from aching joints. The featured bolster adds to the support and also makes for an immensely cozy bed.

The Infinity bolster pet bed available from is a great buy. All Infinity beds are made in such a way that they provide the highest level of comfort and support to your pet. These beds are covered with a polyester fabric, which in addition to being extremely soft to the touch, can also be washed easily when dirty. It is a lounger type bed with bolsters, thus giving your dog a luxury pad to snooze on.

Another type of bolster bed for your loving pet is the chaise bolster beds. These beds have firm mattresses to lie on and have bolsters on two sides meeting in the corner. This not only gives your dog something to lay its head on, but also provides for an excellent corner to snuggle into. These bolster dog beds and various others are available on

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