Some of you may have seen this before, but it just blew my mind when I came across this…

A company called the Dog Star Brewing Company has created a beer for dogs, called Happy Tail Ale. Apparently, the proprietors go camping regularly with Kodi, their dog, who enjoys licking up the leftover beers during these trips. This got them thinking, “How about a tasty beer treat for our pets?”

After some trial and error, our entrepid brewmasters came up with a beef-flavored, non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage suitable for the canine palate. Although the “beer” is safe for humans, I won’t be trying it any time soon… While the flavor might not thrill you, the drink is made with your dog’s health in mind:

  • It contains no alcohol, since it can be deadly for dogs
  • Carbonation does not agree with dogs either
  • It contains all natural beef drippings
  • It is fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E (which apparently are good for dogs. Who knew!)

Well, I love my beer, so why should I deny my faithful dog?

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