Just as you crave for a long hour of sleep before an important date or a business appointment, that furry friend of yours need to have one, too. You see, being a dog is not an easy task at all. Imagine being the one to do all the fancy tricks for your master’s delight, or being awake in the dead of the night just to bark at that unscrupulous burglar who lurks around the house. Think about these highly stressful tasks, and you’ll realize what a great service your trusted pooch has been giving you and your family all these years. And, this is where Beautyrest dog beds come to mind.

Beautyrest dog beds are perhaps, among the most luxurious beds in the market today. Their fine features appeal to most dog owners. But, why all the buzz over these beds? These are some of the reasons why Beautyrest dog beds are creating such hype:

1. They’re more comfortable: These dog beds are particularly known for the high degree of comfort they provide dogs. With pocketed coil springs that come individually and now has a patent, these luxurious dog beds will surely provide your canine friend with the tender loving care that it needs. The exciting fusion of high-memory foam, fleece, and quality fabric put Beautyrest dog beds ahead of the leading pack.

2. They’re good for physically challenged dogs: Whether your dog is a senior Golden Retriever or a young Chihuahua, injuries and physical handicaps do happen. In which case, Beautyrest dog beds would be perfect for your prized pooch as they provide not just optimum comfort but orthopedic care as well. If your dog is very active, has an injury, already a senior, or simply gets joint problems in trying to be of service to you, these beds will surely be of great help in promoting healthy joints and back.

3. They’re easy to clean: With washable and removable covers, these beds make a top choice for something that you can wash and clean in no time at all. This means that you can spend more time with your family, take them on a weekend getaway, or just give your canine friend a relaxing massage right at its own comfy Beautyrest bed.

4. They can be custom made: Having a bed that caters to you and your pet’s little whims may seem a little too good for a daydream. However, Simmons Beautyrest dog beds can actually make this dream come true. All you have to do is ask yourself these questions: Do you like it oval or bone shaped? Or, perhaps, you want to have a wrought iron for its frame and some fleece for the fabric? From the intricate designs down to the fabrics, you and your dog are the real boss. After you place an order, the custom-made beds will only take one or two weeks to be delivered at your doorsteps. The package will carry out everything the master and the pet would wish to have.

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