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Orthopedic Dog Beds Help Prevent Joint Problems | Dog Beds For You

Arthritis is a common joint problem that many dogs suffer from. If remained untreated, it may lead to complications like hips dysplasia. While many dog owners believe that this problem surfaces on older dogs, but the truth is that arthritis starts even during puppyhood if they are not given proper support during sleep. Wise dogs owners aware of the benefits of an orthopedic dog bed would benefit from getting one for their puppies, and not only when their dogs start suffering from arthritis.

Getting an orthopedic dog bed is not a difficult task as there are a number of beds to choose from these days. Each bed comes with its own special designs to help ease the dog’s pain and discomfort and at the same time provide the dogs with the support they need. Some orthopedic beds for offer “egg crate” bases, which massages the dogs at their stress points and reduce pressure at the dogs’ joints as they sleep therefore help ease the pain and discomfort they suffer from.

What makes a good orthopedic bed is the filling of the bed. Most orthopedic pet beds are filled with foam, which has the ability to conform to the dog’s body. Foam is higher in density and therefore is able to retain its shape. This helps to ensure that your dog does not sleep on a “sunken” bed. At, you are even able to find dog beds that are fitted with a double layer of orthopedic foams, providing extra support to even the larger dogs.      

Innovative bed makers have also invented thermo orthopedic beds to keep the bed surface warm at all times. The heat generated may also help reduce dogs’ pain and discomfort at their joints if they are suffering from arthritis. Dog owners may want to explore such beds at


Size is not a problem when it comes to getting the right bed to accommodate your dog. On, you will be able to find a number of dog beds in various sizes from 20” x12” to 46”x 28”. If convenience is your main concern, then you would certainly be attracted to the orthopedic dog beds featured on as these beds are embedded in a zipper bag hence allowing you to remove the cover for easy washing. Apart from the double layer of foam, the orthopedic dog beds at also come with a cedar base making then more durable.


Frequent travelers will find the orthopedic crate bed appealing as their dogs can sleep comfortably in the luxury of their own crates. Even dogs with arthritis can afford to travel through far journeys with such beds.

Since prevention is always better than cure, get your dog an orthopedic dog bed to help your dog stay away from arthritis, in addition to the comfort and support your pup deserves. For more shopping options, visit: http://www,, and

Foam Dog Beds Stay In Shape And Are Allergy Free! | Dog Beds For You

Betty’s 3-year old Labrador had stopped tossing and turning on his bed, while Jim’s 5-year-old arthritic golden retriever had been getting better sleep since they both bought the foam dog bed. With so many therapeutic benefits and comfort, it is not surprising why foam dog beds are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners.

Most dog beds are filled with either the memory foam or latex foam. Both types of foam make for allergy free dog beds and arehypoallergenic, therefore they are suitable even for the most sensitive dogs. In addition, foam beds are dust mite resistant so you really have nothing much to worry about when you put your dogs to sleep on their foam dog beds.

foam-dog-bed-4044966, 1626171144Many orthopedic beds are made up of layers of foam which has the ability to support each part of the dog’s body individually and evenly. This is important to help reduce pressure points as well as ease pain and discomfort of your arthritic dog. Do not assume that your dogs do not need foam beds just because they are not arthritic. Most dogs suffer from arthritis because they did not get proper bed support while sleeping. Bear in mind that arthritis begins developing in dogs even when they are in puppy hood. So if you believe that prevention is better than cure than buy your dogs foam beds like Caddis Orthopedic beds or Bed Buddies’ foam bed.

Foam has the potential to retain its loft, which explains why foam beds make the best beds to sleep on. Foam ensures that beds will not sink and conform to the dog’s body, thus allowing the dog to sleep in any position he desires. With so much comfort and support, your dog will never be seen tossing and turning on his dog bed anymore.

If you have already purchase a wooden or metal dog bed’s frame or even a crate, just lay a piece of foam cushion and your dog will be able to enjoy the comfort and luxury of sleeping on a foam dog bed. You will also appreciate a foam dog bed as you are not required to flip or rotate the foam cushion occasionally as it does not sag.

If you are concerned that foam beds will rot due to condensation then worry no more. Foam dog beds like the ones from Orvis ( come with waterproof liners, which will prevent such problem.

For more foam dog bed options visit,,,,,, or

A Dog Sofa Bed – The Ultimate Luxury | Dog Beds For You

Watching television will certainly become a more enjoyable experience if you get your dog a sofa bed. This is especially true if your dog would be all over you, licking your face and blocking the view of the television. Though this may be a great way to spend some intimate moments with the dog, sometimes it can be rather annoying. With a dog sofa bed, your dog will have its own sofa so you can watch your favorite television program with minimal disturbance.

Dogs simply love the shape of the pet sofa bed as the bolster provides them a sense of security, in addition to the open front which allows easy access. For adult dogs who suffer from joint pains and arthritis, the sofa beds available at are great choices as they are made of either convoluted foam or HR® Reflex Foam, both of which provides full support for the dog’s body. Additionally, foam base beds are able to help reduce stress on the dog’s joints and hips and at the same time, increase circulation and airflow, which may help, prevent arthritis. The foam base for these sofa dog beds measures up to about 7 inches to ensure your dogs get to sleep and rest comfortably in their own zones.

dog-sofa-bed-9881779, 1626171142

If you prefer sofa beds that are not solely foam-based, the hypro-loft fiber filling dog sofa bed from Orvis comes with a convoluted-foam bottom. The integration of these two types of material makes the pet sofa bed more durable. If you were particular about the excellent quality of your dogs’ beds, another great choice would be the Orvis’ Deluxe dog bed (check out, which has a Dacron Fiber filling. Dacron Fiber is a popular material in making expensive sofa cushion. Also, most dog sofa beds come with removable covers which are also machine wash friendly. Some manufacturers also offer dryer-friendly covers.

Dog owners will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the sofa bed’s finishing and prints. One can choose from microfibre to suede to tartan, and patterns like paw prints or floral. What appeals most to dog owners is that these lovely sofa beds will sit like a dainty piece of furniture in your house. Seeing your dog comfortably nestled in his own dog couch bed makes it even daintier.

Many dog owners may think that a sofa or couch bed as compared to other beds is not a necessity but a luxury that they are not willing to pay for. The good news is that your investment will go a long way with sofa beds that are made of good materials, heavy weight and meant for repeated washing. Some manufacturers are also producing economical versions by replacing top-of-the-range foam with regular foam ( or These economical versions are hot items amongst dog owners, which is why they are often out of stock.

Those Comfy Things Called Beautyrest Dog Beds | Dog Beds For You


Just as you crave for a long hour of sleep before an important date or a business appointment, that furry friend of yours need to have one, too. You see, being a dog is not an easy task at all. Imagine being the one to do all the fancy tricks for your master’s delight, or being awake in the dead of the night just to bark at that unscrupulous burglar who lurks around the house. Think about these highly stressful tasks, and you’ll realize what a great service your trusted pooch has been giving you and your family all these years. And, this is where Beautyrest dog beds come to mind.

Beautyrest dog beds are perhaps, among the most luxurious beds in the market today. Their fine features appeal to most dog owners. But, why all the buzz over these beds? These are some of the reasons why Beautyrest dog beds are creating such hype:

1. They’re more comfortable: These dog beds are particularly known for the high degree of comfort they provide dogs. With pocketed coil springs that come individually and now has a patent, these luxurious dog beds will surely provide your canine friend with the tender loving care that it needs. The exciting fusion of high-memory foam, fleece, and quality fabric put Beautyrest dog beds ahead of the leading pack.

2. They’re good for physically challenged dogs: Whether your dog is a senior Golden Retriever or a young Chihuahua, injuries and physical handicaps do happen. In which case, Beautyrest dog beds would be perfect for your prized pooch as they provide not just optimum comfort but orthopedic care as well. If your dog is very active, has an injury, already a senior, or simply gets joint problems in trying to be of service to you, these beds will surely be of great help in promoting healthy joints and back.

3. They’re easy to clean: With washable and removable covers, these beds make a top choice for something that you can wash and clean in no time at all. This means that you can spend more time with your family, take them on a weekend getaway, or just give your canine friend a relaxing massage right at its own comfy Beautyrest bed.

4. They can be custom made: Having a bed that caters to you and your pet’s little whims may seem a little too good for a daydream. However, Simmons Beautyrest dog beds can actually make this dream come true. All you have to do is ask yourself these questions: Do you like it oval or bone shaped? Or, perhaps, you want to have a wrought iron for its frame and some fleece for the fabric? From the intricate designs down to the fabrics, you and your dog are the real boss. After you place an order, the custom-made beds will only take one or two weeks to be delivered at your doorsteps. The package will carry out everything the master and the pet would wish to have.

Tips To Stop Your Dog From Sleeping On Your Bed | Dog Beds For You


Dogs naturally find the scent of their owners irresistible, and they will find ways to get close to their masters whenever possible. One of their resorts is to lick their owners’ feet or face when the latter comes home from work. Others will just brush their body against their masters. But there are dogs that go beyond these physical manifestations in order to show their affection: they jump at every chance of sleeping on their owners’ beds.

Most people, especially those who never own a pet, will probably find the idea of sharing their bed with their pet a disgusting one. They may reason out that their beds are not for dogs, and that the latter should have a sleeping place of their own. Others, however, may argue that having their dogs beside them is therapeutic and relaxing. Whatever the arguments may be, having dogs doze off beside humans certainly has its ups and downs.

Now, if it is impossible for you to stop your dog from sleeping with you, you can just face the situation head on. Here are some tips that you may employ when your dog tries to sleep with you:

Put extra blankets over your bedding. Though the general rule is to never allow your pooch to sleep with you on your own bed or couch, you may simply place another bedsheet or blanket aside from your original bedding. This will avoid your bedding and you to smell like your dog especially when it relieves itself. This will also prevent your dog’s mites, ticks, or fleas from sticking on the beddings.

Put a divider between you and your dog. Here, a pillow will do the trick. Simply put the pillow between your pooch and you. This is to avoid your dog’s ticks and fleas to get their way into you.

Show your dog who’s boss. Remember that dogs tend to be dominant or aggressive. You sure won’t allow yourself to end up as a stranger on your own kingdom, which is your bed, of course. When your dog starts to occupy the spot that belongs to you, reassert your position. You may opt to banish it to its original place of sleep. When the effort won’t work, go for the ultimatum: physically carry your dog off your bed.

Keep in mind that your bed belongs to you. This, your pet will understand if you provide it with a bed of its own. But do not place this bed or couch in your bedroom as this may encourage the dog to transfer to your bed when it wants to. Moreover, help your pet make it a habit to ask for your permission if it wants to sleep on your bed. This it can do by doing small favors for you before your actual calling it to sleep on your bed.

Whichever of these tips you will adopt, remember that having your dog doze off beside you is not a bad idea after all. However, you should be sensible enough to set the rules before your dog gets too pampered and thus forget that you are after all, the king of the house.

For Your Stylish Pet, The Holden Dog Bunk/Bed | Dog Beds For You

The Dog Beds For You Blog

For Your Stylish Pet, The Holden Dog Bunk/Bed

The first time I laid eyes on the Holden Pet Bunk was at a friend’s place. This particular friend is madly in love with her dogs and just about pampers them rotten, which is why she didn’t think twice about getting the Holden pet beds for them. Read more on For Your Stylish Pet, The Holden Dog Bunk/Bed…

Bentley Sofa Pet Bed From Animal Comforts

The Canine Cooler Thermo-Regulating Pet Bed

Cow Patterned Wild Chaise Dog Lounge

Sometimes I just get amazed at the different types of pet beds available in the market today. Astonished not just due to the sheer variety, but also because there are actually high end designer dog beds available that cost more than a regular bed for an adult! One such dog bed that truly amazes me is the Wild Chaise Dog Lounge. Read more on Cow Patterned Wild Chaise Dog Lounge…

Retro Style With The Wowo Dog Bed/Pod

So here’s a quick question – “If you could get an expensive Eames chair for your four legged, much loved pet, would you?” If your answer was yes, then the Wowo dog pod is definitely something you should take a serious look at. And even if your answer is no, you should still look at it because looking doesn’t cost anything, right? And what do you know, one day you and your pet may just get so lucky as to have the Wowo dog bed! Read more on Retro Style With The Wowo Dog Bed/Pod…

Get A Roller Bed For Your Dog

Is your loving pet still sharing bed space with you? If so, it’s time you thought about buying the pet roller bed for your precious companion!

Designed like a modern platform bed, this amazing dog roller bed Read more on Get A Roller Bed For Your Dog…

Are you a discerning pet owner who wants to provide their pet with the most luxurious beds you can find? Well then, look no further than the exquisite WOWBOW dog bed.

Manufactured by WOWBOW London, a UK based company that is committed to providing luxurious pet furniture for your pampered companions; Read more on WOWBOW Dog Bed…

Try A Pewter Finish Dog Bed

A pewter dog bed is a great way to pamper your pet and at the same time, add a pleasing element to your home interiors. Very often, even high end dog beds may end up looking like an eyesore amidst your home décor. They may be extremely comfy for your pet, but terrible to look at. Read more on Try A Pewter Finish Dog Bed…

Boutiques are A Dog’s Best Friend

More so today than ever before, people are lavishing their dogs with items from a dog boutique.  In recent years, people have begun pampering their pooches more than ever with a wide range of products developed just for dogs and their owners and these items are often found at high end stores instead of the local pet shop.  From custom dog beds to handmade clothing, from rhinestone colors to dog carriers, Read more on Boutiques are A Dog’s Best Friend…

Dog Travel Beds – Going Camping With Your Dog

From the Seattle Times: Backcountry camping has certainly gone to the dogs.  Now, there are a number of things that can make the outdoors even more inviting for our fave pooches.  That’s certainly good news for people who love to go hiking or camping and, at the same time, can’t bear the thought of leaving their pet dog behind.  Read more on Dog Travel Beds – Going Camping With Your Dog…

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The Bean Bag Comfort Of The Nuzzle Pet Bed | Dog Beds For You

The Dog Beds For You Blog

The Bean Bag Comfort Of The Nuzzle Pet Bed

Modernist Style: The Le Corbusier Dog Bed

Is the beauty of your stylish and modern looking living room being marred by an ugly looking dog bed in the corner? If so, the Le Corbusier Dog Bed is just the thing you need to liven up your interiors, while at the same time giving your dearly loved pet a comfy spot that it can call its own. Read more on Modernist Style: The Le Corbusier Dog Bed…

Styling With The Juicy Couture Dog Bed

The Juicy Couture dog bed is the ultimate in glamorous and stylish dog beds for your favorite pets. If you’ve got a picky pet who won’t just sleep on any old pillow bed or who refuses to curl up on any old rug, then the Juicy Couture dog bed seems to be the perfect choice for your discerning pet! Read more on Styling With The Juicy Couture Dog Bed…

The Downtown Doggy Divine Sleeper Dog Bed By Bellatutu

The Comfort Of The Woof-A-Pedic Therapeutic Dog Bed

The Elusive Snuggle Ball Dog Bed

The Funny BASTIS Cushion Dog Bed From IKEA

A lot of people find the IKEA Bastis cushions very ugly to look at and in fact also find the designs to be extremely weird. However, even though the cushions are indeed quite different, I really like them quite a lot. Animal lovers will absolutely adore these cushions Read more on The Funny BASTIS Cushion Dog Bed From IKEA…

Great Dog Beds By DogFather

We’ve all heard the saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Well, if you believe that to be true, then don’t you think your best friend deserves to have something that is luxurious and comfortable? So, what can be better than a great dog bed that not only looks good but feels heavenly too! And a great place to start your search for a top quality dog bed is to begin by looking at DogFather Dog Beds. Read more on Great Dog Beds By DogFather…

The Nest Dog Bed From Big Shrimpy

There are some dogs that like to sleep flat on their backs, whereas some like to be sprawled on all their fours, while some others like to curl up and sleep. Well, if your pet is the type that likes to curl up while sleeping, then the Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed is the perfect bed for your pet. Read more on The Nest Dog Bed From Big Shrimpy…

One Form Design and its head designer Warren Lieu have launched a great new pet bed known as the Leading Edge Dog Bed. Like the name suggests, the dog bed is designed in such a manner that it actually gives your pet a leading edge! Read more on Leading Edge Dog Bed…

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Dog Beds On the Go | Dog Beds For You

The Dog Beds For You Blog

Don’t leave your canine friend behind.  With a portable dog bed, your best friend can come with you wherever you want to go.  Most dog beds also feature an ergonomic design to provide support to your active pet.  The cushions are made soft and durable to resist common wear and tear. 

You can also tuck and fold them easily.  Others usually come with special cases, handles, and covers with removable zippers to ensure safekeeping.  Read more on Dog Beds On the Go…

Eco Friendly Bella Beds And Binkys For Your Pet

Personalized Photo Dog Beds


Maybe you or your pet are tired of the same old boring dog bed… Well, VisionBedding has a pretty neat solution. They can take a digial photo in the JPEG format and can dye it into the fabric of a dog bed (or a pillow, or a blanket, etc). Voila, your own custom pet bed!

The photo pet beds are available in three sizes which are priced from $80 to $120. The heavy knit fabric Read more on Personalized Photo Dog Beds…

Bring Your Dog To Howl-Oween, Win A Dog Bed


If you’re a dog owner in the Denver, Colorado area, here’s a fun event for you and your pet. The Omni Interlocken Resort Golf Course is hosting a Howl-oween party for pets on Saturday, October 27, 2007, from 2 to 4 PM.

Divot, the golf course mascot (the “jailbird” pictured left), is playing host for this event, which features tasty treats for humans and dogs alike. Read more on Bring Your Dog To Howl-Oween, Win A Dog Bed…

Wigs For Dogs! You Better Believe It…


Wigs for dogs! Has the world gone mad?! No, but I think our pets are being treated more like humans than ever.

Ruth Regina, who has been involved with makeup and hair in the film industry, has come up with Wiggles Dog Wigs. It all started when a friend asked her to make a wig for her pet, and then, as they say, one thing led to another… Read more on Wigs For Dogs! You Better Believe It……

A Pillow To Give Your Dog Sweet Dreams

Save The Planet, Your Pets And Yourself


The United States is a nation of pet lovers, with untold millions of dogs and cats in our households. All those pets must be creating some sort of environmental impact, you would think.

With that thought in mind, Christine and Mike Mallar Read more on Save The Planet, Your Pets And Yourself…

Pets Inn Suites Provides Luxury Accomodations For Your Dog

Beer For Dogs? Lucky Dogs!


Some of you may have seen this before, but it just blew my mind when I came across this…

A company called the Dog Star Brewing Company has created a beer for dogs, called Happy Tail Ale. Apparently, the proprietors go camping regularly with Kodi, their dog, who enjoys licking up the leftover beers during these trips. This got them thinking, “How about a tasty beer treat for our pets?” Read more on Beer For Dogs? Lucky Dogs!…

When Dogs Have Nicer Homes Than Humans…


USA Today recently had an interesting story on a new pet trend – high end rooms for your dog. Forget about fancy dog beds, pillows, blankets and other accessories – today’s spoilt pets are getting their own luxury rooms, complete with cable TV and DVD players!

Design companies like Bella Cucina of Michigan are designing more and more dog chambers, with features like stone tiles and closets. The story also mentions some Texas folks who spent almost $6,000 for their 3′ by 7′ pet room.

I think some of these dogs are living better than me, and I have a job!

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The Dog Beds For You Blog

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website


Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Dog Dog Cat today announced the launch of a new and improved website, Dog Dog Cat Pet Supplies dedicated to providing clients the finest pet supplies to keep your furry friends healthy, happy and stylish.

In honor of the 5 year anniversary, Dog.Dog.Cat revamped the website and added a lot of new features, including Search by Breed, Shop by Category and Pet Product Videos, Read more on – 5 Year Anniversary and A New Website… – New Search Results for Pet Friendly Hotels

How to Create a Positive Thanksgiving Experience for Your Pets


How to Create a Positive Thanksgiving Experience for Your Pets Pet Lifestyle Expert & TV Personality Dara Foster Joins PETCO for tips to Create a Happy Holiday

Read more on PRWeb via Yahoo! News

Pet Tips: Getting Ready For Winter And Indoors


Family Time: Paw-friendly tips for a fresh home and a healthy pet After a few months of oscillating between indoor and outdoor living, it’s time to prepare pets for cold weather and residing in closed quarters. To make sure your home is fresh and clean through the seasonal transition and that pets stay healthy and odor-free, consider these tips.

Read more on Post South

The Sturdy & Comfy Country Hammock Pet Bed

Country Hammock Bed

No matter how luxurious and comfortable your bed is; the feeling of sleeping or relaxing in a hammock is just something else, isn’t it? Swaying gently in a hammock with not a care in the world, that’s something you have to experience to believe. Well, now your beloved pet can revel in that feeling too with the Country Hammock Pet Bed. Read more on The Sturdy & Comfy Country Hammock Pet Bed…

The Inflatable Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed

FIRSTRAX, which is an industry leader in the manufacture of quality pet products, has outdone itself this time. Yes, with the launch of their latest pet bed known as the Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed, the company has proved once again that as far as innovative pet products go, they are definitely amongst the leaders. Read more on The Inflatable Kodiak Insulated Dog House and Bed…

Let Your Pet Enjoy The Fatboy Doggie Lounge Bed

As a dog lover and pet owner, I try and do whatever I can to ensure that my favorite pet is comfortable and feels loved. To that end, I constantly find myself looking through different types of pet beds to find the most comfortable one for my dog. And in doing so, I came across the Doggie Lounge Bed. Read more on Let Your Pet Enjoy The Fatboy Doggie Lounge Bed…


Dog Gone Smart Pet Products will debut the world’s first-ever completely biodegradable* pet bed and crate pad, its innovative new line of Dog Gone Smart⢠nanotechnology-based line of collars, leashes, and harnesses, and new Dog Gone Smart⢠HorseWear saddle pad at Superzoo, September 14 through 16, booth #1920, Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Read more here:
Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Debuts World’s First Completely Biodegradable Pet Bed, and Its Innovative Line of …

Let Your Doggie Nestle With The PetMate Burrow Dog Bed

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds Unveils New Extra Small Cuddler Pet Bed | Dog Beds For You


 Downers Grove, IL (PRWEB) June 14, 2005 –

 Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds ( recently unveiled their newest creation in their cuddler pet bed line, an extra small bed made especially for tiny teacup dog breeds, five pounds and under. As with their other beds, they are handmade and come in a variety of colors and are personalized with the dog’s name.

“Realizing that our small size was just not meeting the needs of teacup dog breeds five pounds and under, we went back to the design table and created the extra small size,” Jennifer Utterback, owner and designer said. “In addition to being smaller in diameter, the sides have been lowered to allow the dog easier access into the bed, while still providing the protection and comfort tiny dogs like to have while sleeping.”

The new extra small dog bed features a sleeping area measuring 10 inches in diameter, perfect for those tiny dogs that like to curl up when sleeping, while still allowing them room to stretch. All of the beds are made of a 100% cotton fabric, available in a variety of colors, and filled with 100% pure, chemical free, non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. Beds can be machine washed and dried. The cuddler beds feature a hidden side zipper that allow owners to increase or decrease the stuffing depending on their pet’s needs. The extra small dog cuddler bed retails for .95. In addition to the extra small, Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds offer small, medium and large cuddler beds.

The extra small bed complements the addition of an extra small size to their funny dog t-shirts. The Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Bed dog t-shirts feature funny sayings like “You Sit,” “Isn’t My Owner Hot?” and “My OwnerÂ’s Single.” Not only stylish, the shirts make a statement as well. The extra small size shirts fits dogs between two and five pounds and retail between .95 and .95. Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds also offers the shirts in small, medium and large.

Howlin’ Moon Bakery & Pet Beds is an online boutique of unique pet items, including many handmade exclusives like their cuddler pet beds and gourmet dog treats. They cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds as well as cats. Established in 2001 as a dog bakery offering handmade, gourmet dog cookies, the company grew in 2002 to include the handmade cuddler dog beds as well as toys, clothing, collars and other pet-related items.

For more information or to order online, visit:

To view more information on the new extra small personalized cuddler bed, visit:

To view more information on the extra small funny dog t-shirts, visit:


Jennifer Utterback


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