People pamper their dogs to such an extent as would be appropriate for royalty. But then again, most people consider their dog to be regal, don’t they? Well, for the kingly (or queenly as the case may be) canine member of your family, an equally regal looking bed – the animal themed dog bed.

Just as humans love to sleep on beautiful sheets and bed covers, so do their dogs. But since dog beds do not require sheets or bed spreads, the best way to add some color, design, and fun to your dog’s bed is to get it a themed bed. And what better theme for your dog than an animal themed dog bed.

Animal-themed dog beds are available in many different designs and styles. Not just dogs, but you can get your pet any animal themed bed. So, if your canine friend is fond of cats (really, some dogs are!), or if it loves to chase squirrels in the backyard, then perhaps you can get it a cat shaped bed or one with squirrels on it. But if your dog is likely to run around in circles chasing the squirrels on his bed and not get any rest on it, then you may want to think about another animal theme! Some other shapes available are crab shaped, snake beds, bear beds, and longhorn steer shaped beds. 

The Internet is a great place to begin your search for the perfect animal theme dog bed for your pet. Along with getting the best rates, you will also get an unbelievable selection to choose from. Some sites to look up are Petco, PupLife, and

When looking for animal theme-style dog beds, make sure you consider the size of the bed as well as the filling and its covers, and not just its theme. If your dog is healthy and active, you could choose a bed with foam filling or feather filling. These beds are very soft and luxurious. However, if your dog is older, has trouble walking, or is in recuperation, you may want to buy a bed that is slightly firmer and also has added support in the form of bolsters and frames.

Another thing that you should ensure is that the animal theme bed goes with the rest of the décor in your home. If your dog is anything like mine, you will have to move its bed to all parts of the home depending on where it wants to sleep on a particular day. Thus, the theme that you choose should be such that it does not look out of place in your home.

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