Dog Bed Covers In Multiple Choices

Do you already have a dog bed, and are thinking of choosing a new dog bed cover? Changing your home décor and the current bed cover doesn’t quite match your furniture? Other than purchasing a new dog bed, a better option would be to just get a new cover. Indeed, if your pet bed is still relatively new, you will definitely save lots with just a change of your pet bed cover.

If you visit sites such as Petco, Petcare Central or Orvis, you will note that there are an abundance of dog bed covers in the market. Indeed, there are many which only costs $25 each from Orvis. What’s more, they are produced with material in a variety of patterns such as herring bone, patchwork, awning stripe and Orvis classic tartan.

dog-bed-cover-8373696, 1626170082With seven sizes to choose from on a standard oval shape, you will definitely to get a fabric print and color that will fit well with your home décor, and also your dog. A very interesting customizing feature of dog bed covers is the ability for you to specify your dog’s name to be included. For just an extra $5, you can have up to 12 letters of your dog’s name to be included on your dog bed cover. Prices vary from $25 to $65 depending on the size of the dog bed cover of your choice.

Other than these standard bed covers, you will also find special sueded covers, waterproof dog nest covers and Deluxe Comfort Couch Covers from Orvis. The Deluxe Comfort dog bed covers are made of sheepskin like material, which are comfortable to touch, what more to sleep on. On the other hand, waterproof dog nest covers are designed to help prevent pet dander from entering the interior cushion of your dog bed, thus helping to keep the place clean and dry. This way, your dog will be less prone to allergies as compared to other dog beds which do not have this feature.

Finally, if you explore dog bed covers from Petco, you will notice that their selections vary those from Orvis. They focus on their Gelpedic covers which are essentially used with their Gelpedic dog beds. With a zipper incorporated, they are made for easy removal, in addition to the multiple sizes and covers to suit your dog and your home décor.

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Factors To Consider In Buying Dog Ramps

Dog ramps are arguably among the most useful implements that you could provide for your prized caning friend. In fact, it is highly necessary for you to have one especially if your dog has difficulty climbing the stairs of your house, jumping into your car, or getting onto your bed. This happens when your dog is already of old age, nursing an injury, physically-challenged, too big or heavy to climb on any surface, or too small to reach a high place.

For the most part, dog ramps do not only aid your dogs passage from one point to another — either climbing up or going down — they also help your pet avoid injuries from constant or habitual running or jumping up and down on any high surface. This is because dog ramps require your dog to exert less energy and effort in climbing or walking toward their point of direction. This concept, as you may well observe, is naturally based on the law of physics. But to help you understand more about the importance of having dog ramps, here are some of the most important points that you should keep an eye onto:

  1. The materials used for the ramp should be durable and of high quality. As a general rule, these materials should be made of only the finest, sturdiest, most durable materials that can ably support the weight of your dog (preferably twice your pet’s weight) as well as provide years of service.
  2. The dog ramp should be washable. You should have more time playing with your dog and spending quality time with it, and not spending all day cleaning the ramp. Besides, the easy-clean feature of the ramp will aid you in keeping it safe from any harmful bacteria from the dirt and other refuse left on its surface whenever your dog walk on it.
  3. The ramp should be easy to assemble and utilize. If the ramp takes you hours just to figure out how to get it ready for use, just forget about it. You don’t want to spend too much time on something that will just drain your energy without it providing immediate benefit.
  4. In all ways, the dog ramp should prove to be safe and stable. It should allow for good traction to prevent slips or accidents.
  5. The dog ramp must be portable or foldable. The key here is mobility. As such, the ramp should allow you to move or carry it from one place to another. You should not be burdened carrying a complex ramp that consumes too much space and gives you a headache in figuring out where to put the contraption. In this case, a telescoping ramp will do the trick.
  6. The dog ramp must be lightweight. You are, in the first place, planning to buy a ramp so you won’t anymore experience backaches caused by carrying your dog on different places. Thus, go for the type that weighs light enough for easy handling.

Ideally, there are already various makes of dog ramps available in the market. You can choose from plastic, aluminum, wood, PVC-framed, or combination types. All you have to consider, besides the above-mentioned points, is the place wherein the ramp will be mostly used.

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Scouting For The Perfect Dog Steps

Was there ever a time when you had backaches trying to carry your heavy dog onto your bed? Or, do you feel a tinge of pity whenever you see your prized pooch, already of old age, having a hard time getting into your car on your way to a summer getaway?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are just one of the many dog owners out there who are experiencing such dilemmas. You see, being in such situations is definitely hard on your part, more so if you really love your dog so much. If you can’t bear the sight of your dog helplessly trying to step onto your bed and if you don’t want to be burdened by carrying your pet, you can actually have your pet use dog steps. Such products are suitable aids for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, old age, or even for overweight or significantly small dogs that just cannot reach places like couches, beds, cars, or trucks.

However, the bottom line in having dog steps is their purpose on your pet’s everyday activities. As such, it is important that you take note of the factors that should be considered when buying dog steps. Here are some pointers for you to remember:

1. The height of the steps should be appropriate. Remember that dog steps are meant to help your pet reach certain high places. As such, you should be choosy when it comes to the over-all dimensions of the stairs. Be guided by the following when choosing the appropriate width and height of the stairs perfect for your dog.

Width: 12 inches: for extra small and small dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds 14 inches: for medium dogs that weigh less than 35 pounds

16 inches: for large, extra large, and dogs that weigh 200 pounds or more

between ten and 14 inches: used in couches, chairs, low windows, cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs between 17 and 29 inches: used to set a height parallel to beds or high window ledges

2. The materials should be of good quality, if not of premium ones. Remember that you should get your money’s worth and your dog should really benefit from the product. Learn more about the materials of the stairs before actually having your pet use them. For instance, the wood used should be of the durable type and the treads should be covered with equally-durable carpet or upholstery. More importantly, keep in mind that the stairs should provide years of service to your dog and not merely going to stand for a short period of time.

3. The dog stairs or steps should be easy to use, lightweight, washable, and portable. Go for the type that you can assemble within seconds or minutes, and can be carried anywhere you go. The steps should be lightweight enough so as not to pose as a burden on your part. Take note that some dog steps have optional wheels or handles which make them highly convenient to use. In the same manner, the steps should be easy to clean. Moreover, check out if they have extra storage compartments. See if the treads can actually be lifted or opened into a storage space or try to look for hinges on the steps that actually make for drawer-type storage areas on the stairs. You can use such compartments for keeping collars, toys, brushes, and other accessories.

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