Watching television will certainly become a more enjoyable experience if you get your dog a sofa bed. This is especially true if your dog would be all over you, licking your face and blocking the view of the television. Though this may be a great way to spend some intimate moments with the dog, sometimes it can be rather annoying. With a dog sofa bed, your dog will have its own sofa so you can watch your favorite television program with minimal disturbance.

Dogs simply love the shape of the pet sofa bed as the bolster provides them a sense of security, in addition to the open front which allows easy access. For adult dogs who suffer from joint pains and arthritis, the sofa beds available at are great choices as they are made of either convoluted foam or HR® Reflex Foam, both of which provides full support for the dog’s body. Additionally, foam base beds are able to help reduce stress on the dog’s joints and hips and at the same time, increase circulation and airflow, which may help, prevent arthritis. The foam base for these sofa dog beds measures up to about 7 inches to ensure your dogs get to sleep and rest comfortably in their own, 1626169540

If you prefer sofa beds that are not solely foam-based, the hypro-loft fiber filling dog sofa bed from Orvis comes with a convoluted-foam bottom. The integration of these two types of material makes the pet sofa bed more durable. If you were particular about the excellent quality of your dogs’ beds, another great choice would be the Orvis’ Deluxe dog bed (check out, which has a Dacron Fiber filling. Dacron Fiber is a popular material in making expensive sofa cushion. Also, most dog sofa beds come with removable covers which are also machine wash friendly. Some manufacturers also offer dryer-friendly covers.

Dog owners will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the sofa bed’s finishing and prints. One can choose from microfibre to suede to tartan, and patterns like paw prints or floral. What appeals most to dog owners is that these lovely sofa beds will sit like a dainty piece of furniture in your house. Seeing your dog comfortably nestled in his own sofa makes it even daintier.

Many dog owners may think that a sofa bed as compared to other beds is not a necessity but a luxury that they are not willing to pay for. The good news is that your investment will go a long way with sofa beds that are made of good materials, heavy weight and meant for repeated washing. Some manufacturers are also producing economical versions by replacing top-of-the-range foam with regular foam ( or These economical versions are hot items amongst dog owners, which is why they are often out of stock.

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